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We Have To Wait Longer For Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 – Series Boss Reveals What Happens Next

Criminal Minds: Evolution is essentially the 16th season of the crime series Criminal Minds. Today, February 6th, the finale of the season is airing on Sat.1: Memento Mori (episode 9) starts at 8:15 p.m. and is immediately followed by All the Days, All the Nights (episode 10). But How and, above all, when does it continue afterwards? There is already information about the production of the second season of Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2. The showrunner also commented on the story.

When does Criminal Minds: Evolution continue with season 2?

Last year, the unions of actors and writers in Hollywood had to stop work for a long time, to strike for fairer conditions for the future. This also had an impact on Criminal Minds.

Season 16 of the series, also known as Criminal Minds: Evolution, aired in the USA last February. Normally the sequel would already be finished. Because of the double strike, production was delayed. In fact, filming for the new season has only been going on since January 2024 TV Insiders reported.

The start date of season 2 on Sat.1

There is no start date for Season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution yet. Most recently, there were around five months between filming and the US TV premiere and then almost a year between US and German free TV broadcast.

Sat.1 viewers have to be prepared for a long wait. It is conceivable that the New episodes of Criminal Minds will not come to free TV until 2025.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 will be streamed beforehand

Anyone who streams needs less patience. In Germany, Evolution celebrated its premiere on Disney+ over six months before it was broadcast on Sat.1. It is not known exactly what will happen in season 2.

However, it is conceivable that Criminal Minds: Evolution will be available in the season pass on Amazon and others at the same time as the US premiere, followed by the evaluation on Disney+ or Paramount+. The new season could be available online in Germany in 2024.

More about the series:

What happens next in the crime series?

If you have already seen the finale of Evolution, you can read more here.

Because showrunner: Erica Messer has opposite TV Insiders have already commented on how season 17 of Criminal Minds and season 2 of Evolution will follow on from this. Accordingly, the story about the villain and serial killer Voit (Zach Gilford) followed up:

Our plan is for Season 17 to start with Voit looking to see who came through the door. We wanted to intentionally leaving that feeling of a cliffhanger, who it could be. Is it someone we’ve never met before? Is it someone we’ve never met before, the director of the FBI for example? We have only met the deputy director so far.

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