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Robert Downey Jr. Wanted To Play An Extremely Scary Batman Villain, But Christopher Nolan Turned Him Down

Although Robert Downey Jr. the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) five years ago Avengers 4: Endgame turned his back, his name is still firmly associated with the extremely successful franchise. He has been there since 2008 inventive Tony Stark to see who is in the superhero Iron Man transformed.

However, the story almost turned out completely differently. Like Downey Jr. at a weekend screening of his latest hit, Oppenheimer, at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, he put out feelers towards DC before Marvel. In Batman Begins he wanted that Villain Scarecrow play.

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. wanted to play Scarecrow in Batman Begins

Batman Begins came along in 2005 Christian Bale as a dark knight in the cinema. Before filming began, Downey Jr. met with the director Christopher Nolanto talk about the role of the opponent. The actor quickly realized that he… has no chanceto face Batman as Scarecrow.

Downey Jr. tells (via Collider ):

And then I remember meeting him for tea and I thought, ‘He doesn’t seem to be really committed to this interview. He was polite and all that, but you can tell when someone is acting like that (the conversation) isn’t going to go anywhere.’

The suspicion was confirmed: Downey Jr. didn’t get the role. Instead, took over Cillian Murphy the part. As Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane He transformed into a sinister villain who looks like a horror scarecrow and develops a hallucinogen that terrifies Gotham City.

Robert Downey Jr. filmed with Christopher Nolan in Oppenheimer

Murphy also appeared in the sequels The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises as Scarecrow. Meanwhile, Downey Jr. tried his luck at Marvel and landed his Iron Man casting. For over a decade He was seen in Tony Stark’s superhero armor before his path would lead him back into the fold of Nolan.

Nolan is the director of Oppenheimer, in which Downey Jr. appears as the American politician Lewis Strauss. The title character, meanwhile, is played by Murphy. 18 years after Batman Begins, the three Hollywood stars still have it made a film together and were celebrated for their respective achievements.

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