Morbius 2 is all but dead, But Jared Leto is Now Saving One of Disney’s Greatest sci-fi Franchises

Morbius 2 is all but dead, But Jared Leto is Now Saving One of Disney’s Greatest sci-fi Franchises

After Morbius was released in cinemas two years ago, it is conquering thanks to the today’s free TV premiere on ProSieben the TV program. It is told Birth of a dangerous Marvel character, which balances on the fine line between good and evil: Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) turns into a vampire. Morbius is part of the Marvel Universe, which also includes characters like Venom and Madame Web. This raises the question of whether we will also be concerned in the future Morbius 2 with Jared Leto can look forward to. Last but not least, it sets extremely confusing end credits scene connecting the character to several other Marvel characters.

Will there be a second part of Morbius?

No, very probably not. The first part failed at the box office twice. It also showed up neither the critics nor the audience liked it from the dark Marvel spectacle. Sony has not provided an update on a potential Morbius 2 since the financially disappointing theatrical release two years ago.

But we will soon see Jared Leto as the lead actor in another well-known film series. Currently it stands for the long-awaited sequel Tron 3 in front of the camera. After he failed with his Marvel debut is, we can be curious to see whether he will manage to save the troubled sci-fi series from Disney.

You Can Watch The Trailer For Tron 3: Legacy Here:

There are two so far Tron-Films appeared. The first was released in 1982 and proved to be groundbreaking blockbuster in dealing with digital effects. Tron: Legacy followed 28 years later. The production of another part has repeatedly failed in recent years for various reasons. But now it continues.

Tron 3, also known as Tron: Ares and with the working title Velcro, has been filming since the beginning of the year. directs Joachim Rønningthe one for blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Maleficent 2 is known. The plot revolves around a soldier who is in the virtual Tron world meets a real-world Tron player.

Instead of Morbius 2: When does Tron 3 with Jared Leto start in the cinema?

While we don’t have to get our hopes up for Morbius 2, Tron 3 is getting closer and closer. Now that filming has started, the film could be produced quickly before the end of 2025 come to the cinema. However, Disney has not yet announced an official theatrical release. It would also be conceivable that the studio saves the Jared Leto-led sci-fi sequel for a blockbuster release in 2026.

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