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New on Netflix: After All the Light We Don’t See comes a war film about two police officers between the fronts

The war series All the light we don’t see was number 1 among the most streamed Netflix series for a long time in 2023. It was about a German soldier and a blind French woman in World War II. However, the two protagonists are in a new Netflix war film between the linesrather than on different pages.

The new war film Because man is pathetic you can now stream it on Netflix.

Belgian police in the service of the Nazis: That’s what Because Man is Pathetic is about

During the Second World War, the Belgian town of Antwerp was also occupied. The local officials are forced to continue carrying out their duties in the spirit of the Nazis. This also includes the deportation of the Jewish population. The two young police officers Wilfried Wils (Stef Aerts) and Lode Metdepenningen (Matteo Simoni) reluctantly follow the orders of the occupying power. At the same time they secretly support the resistance and try to save refugees. So they keep getting caught between the fronts and are caught between their moral convictions and their own survival.

After All the Light We Don’t See: Netflix takes another look at World War II

In the series All the Light We Don’t See, the main characters are on different sides of the Second World War. On the other hand, they are Main characters in Because Man is Pathetic are in the same situation.

All the light we don’t see

This creates another moral dilemma much more personal and life-threatening becomes. Finally, the Belgian police officers are not German soldiers, as was the case in the previous series. The situation for the auxiliary police officers in the Belgian port city offers the opportunity to explore human psyche in an extreme situation. It would be easier for him to give in to the Nazis and follow orders. But it cannot be reconciled with the ethos of the protagonists. However, refusing to serve results in imprisonment at best and death at worst. Sitting between chairs like this seems downright impossible. That alone makes the premise of the film extremely exciting.

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