Action Hit With Jason Statham

Now on Amazon Prime: Action Hit With Jason Statham, which is based on an even better film

As the novel Heat by William Goldman was made into a film for the first time, the author was also responsible for the script. For the remake with Jason Statham Goldman has returned again. So he was able to ensure that his story was implemented properly the second time around. The result is an action drama that allows Stathamhis character to give it more depth than in previous clunky films. So here is the Action Hit With Jason Statham.

Wild card with Jason Statham can now be seen in the flat rate on Amazon Prime Video.

Wild Card on Amazon Prime: Action Hit With Jason Statham is drawn back into the gangster world

This is what Wild Card is about: Nick Wild (Jason Statham) actually wants to finally emigrate to Italy and enjoy the good life. However, due to a lack of money, partly due to gambling addiction, he stays in Las Vegas and makes a living as a bodyguard and odd job. When his ex-girlfriend Holly (Dominik García-Lorido) badly beaten up, he asks for help, he tracks down the gangster responsible for it, Danny DeMarco (Milo Ventimiglia) on. As a result, he is drawn back into the world from which he actually wanted to escape.

Only three action scenes appear in the film Wild Card. This is below average for actor Jason Statham. After all, Statham is known for his elaborate fight scenes. But the action scenes are in typical Statham style fantastically choreographed and shot.

The rest of the film is much more about his character Nick Wild. The action drama gives Jason Statham the opportunity to show more facets than a grim look and two hard fists.

The first and even better wild card: Burt Reynolds played Nick in Heat – Nick the Killer

In the 70s and 80s it was Burt Reynolds not only an action icon, but also a sex symbol. Although Heat Nick the Killer Although it wasn’t a success at the box office, it has gained some fans over the years. Last but not least, this may have been due to Burt Reynolds himself. Because he played his character with wit and charm. For many fans, the remake with Jason Statham doesn’t come close to the original.

The Moviepilot users gave the original a better overall rating of 6.2 than the remake with Jason Statham, which got a 5.5. However, Wild Card is probably better known these days than the film with Burt Reynolds, which is why action fans should also take a look at the original. Nick – Heat the Killer is available to buy on DVD from Amazon *.

The Wild Card remake is also worth it for Statham fans. This is what Moviepilot user writes diceman:

Not just a good Jason Statham movie, but just a good movie. A real neo-noir.

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