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One of the best sci-fi horror films of the 2000s in a 3-disc special edition with tons of bonus material

With Pitch Black – Planet of Darkness An incredibly dark and atmospheric sci-fi world was created in 2000 that has been waiting to be continued for 10 years. Now there is finally green light for Riddick 4: Furyaso it’s high time to go back to the beginning of the series, because Pitch Black will be released on February 29, 2024 in an extensive special edition new in home cinema. so here is the best sci-fi horror films.

Pitch Black in the Special Edition: lots of bonus material

With the Special Edition you can enjoy the sci-fi cult in the director’s cut with great 4K quality including HDR and fat Dolby Atmos sound. The film is also included on Blu-ray.

But the highlight is this Bonus Blu-ray, because it has it all. There are numerous detailed interviews included, some of which are even world exclusive. Among other things, the director will tell you David Twohy and the person responsible for the camera David Eggby Details of the shoot. There are a total of 8 interviews that run a total of 2.5 hours.

Is to the 35-minute animated film Riddick Chronicles of a Warrior included, which builds a bridge between Pitch Black and the sequel Riddick. There is also a background documentary for this film in which you can find out a lot about the animation and the creative mind behind it.

The package is rounded off with 2 hours of material from the Universal Archive. That’s what stings most of all the TV prequel Into Pitch Black out – fans of the series get a lot on offer here.

Atmospheric aesthetics and rough combat: that’s Pitch Black

In the far, far future, a space shuttle is hit by a meteor shower. The passengers frozen in cryostasis awaken, including notorious felon Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel), who is hunted by a bounty hunter named William J. Johns (Cole Hauser) is escorted. After an emergency landing fails tragically, the ship crashes into a nearby planet, tearing the spaceship apart and causing almost the entire crew, including the captain, to have an accident. In addition to a small group of survivors, Riddick also escapes and panic spreads throughout the group. But pretty soon they realize that the criminal is not the real danger in this situation…

Despite mixed reviews, Pitch Black still became a sci-fi hit. The best sci-fi horror films, which had a budget of 23 million US dollars, made the most of its possibilities and shone above all with fantastic lighting, creative camera work and an oppressive atmosphere. We can’t wait to see how the sci-fi series will continue in the future.

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