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Cinema Sensation After 24 Years: The Shoe of Manitu 2 is Really Coming

2001 came The Shoe of Manitu in German cinemas and set records with almost 12 million tickets sold. The audience still waited in vain for a sequel. That will change in 2025. The Manitu 2 shoe will be in cinemas next year. Have that Michael “Bully” Herbig and Constantin Film announced in a press release.

This is known about The Manitu 2 shoe

  • The title of the film is The Manitu’s canoe.
  • Michael “Bully” Herbig produces and directs
  • The Bullyparade trio from the original is reunited: Herbig joins his colleagues Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian stand in front of the camera.
  • It will be shot this year and will be released in cinemas in 2025. There is no more precise date yet.

The title of The Shoe of Manitu 2 is The Canoe of Manitu

There is no information about the story. The press release only says that there will be some new additions in addition to the well-known characters Abahachi, Ranger and Dimitri. Who will play the other roles and whether other members of the original cast will also return remains uncertain.

Almost 12 million viewers and yet the sequel was a long time coming

The Winnetou parody The Shoe of Manitu was the first original feature film in 2001, which emerged from the sketch comedy The Bully Parade. With 11.7 million viewers, it became the most successful German film after reunification one of the most successful German films ever. Michael Herbig did not initially shoot a sequel (unlike the producers of the Karl May film adaptations). That was unusual in the film industry back then, which was so obsessed with sequels and franchises.

Instead, he turned to science fiction parody Dreamboat Surprise Period 1 to, which was also a considerable success with over 9 million cinema tickets sold. Most recently, Herbig has undertaken ambitious directing work, some outside the comedy genre balloon and A thousand lines. He was also the game director of the Amazon show LOL: Last One Laughing to see.

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