New rumor about Spider-Man 4

Does Tom Holland have to cry into the phone again? New Rumor About Spider-Man 4 hints at major conflict over the story

Spider-Man: No Way Home is with a box office gross of over $1.9 billion By far the most successful film the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has released since Avengers: Endgame (2019). No wonder that the funding studios behind the project want to build on this success.

New Rumor About Spider-Man 4: It’s officially announced Spider Man 4 not yet. At this point the film can no longer be described as a secret. We’ve been getting rumors about this for months Story details and cameos. How Comic Book Movie reports, the usually reliable scooper Daniel Richtman brings some particularly exciting information.

Marvel sequel: Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland could go in two completely different directions

Apparently there are two fundamentally different ideas about what Holland’s fourth Spider-Man film should look like. As with the previous Spidey adventures in the MCU, work on the new film Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios together again. Sony will distribute the film to cinemas, while Marvel will produce it.

According to Richtman, Sony wants a second No Way Home, i.e.: A gigantic blockbuster event, which brings back many well-known Marvel characters. The predecessor was a surprise Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfieldwho were able to appear in the MCU timeline years after their Spider-Man films thanks to the multiverse gimmick.

Marvel boss Kevin Fig On the other hand, Spider-Man 4 looks more like it a grounded film, which definitely fits with the ending of No Way Home. After the multiverse madness, everyone forgot about Holland’s Peter Parker. Lonely and alone, he swings through snowy New York. There is no trace of the Avengers anywhere.

A grounded Spider-Man film with Tom Holland would make perfect sense after No Way Home

After Holland has always appeared in the presence of well-known MCU characters such as Tony Stark, Nick Fury and most recently Doctor Strange in his films, there was hope that we would get one with Spider-Man 4 straight-up Spider-Man movie without getting too many MCU connections. A film where Spider-Man can just be Spider-Man.

Now there are signs of a conflict of interest behind the scenes. It is difficult to judge how serious the situation is based on Richtman’s statement. Let’s hope Holland doesn’t end up like No Way Home again begging to pick up the phoneto talk to Disney boss Bob Iger in conversation about the future of Spider-Man in the MCU.

At that time, it looked for a short time as if Sony and the Disney subsidiary Marvel could not agree on one Spider-Man deal extension some. Appearing on the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Holland revealed that there was a very emotional call between him and Iger Variety 2019 reported.

He told Kimmel:

I cried. No, I didn’t cry but I did, yes. I was really emotional because I felt like that everything comes to an end. We had a really good plan for what we wanted to do with Sony. Spider-Man’s future was still very bright. It would have been a shame to take him out of the MCU.

When does Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland start in cinemas?

As you can probably guess at this point, production on Spider-Man 4 is still in its early stages. We shouldn’t expect a theatrical release any time soon.

After the exhausting Apple series The Crowded Room, Holland announced that he wanted to take a break from acting. We assume that Spider-Man 4 will only be released in cinemas in 2026.

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