The Signal is the biggest German sci-fi series

The Signal Is The Biggest German Sci-fi Series Since Dark: In the first trailer, Florian David Fitz has to solve the mystery of a missing astronaut

After Dark and 1899 the next mystery sci-fi puzzle will appear on Netflix. The series is called The signal and now there is the first trailer of the high-profile astronaut search with a movie star Florian David Fitz there.

The four-part mini-series The Signal starts on March 7, 2024 on Netflix.

The Signal is the biggest German sci-fi series: That’s what Das Signal with Florian David Fitz on Netflix is ​​about

Florian David Fitz plays father Sven, who waits in vain at the airport with his daughter. The anticipation was actually huge. Sven’s wife, the space explorer Paula (Peri Baumeister), was scheduled to return after several months in orbit. But she has disappeared.

A turbulent time begins for Sven: on the one hand, he tries to protect his daughter from the terrible news, and on the other hand, he discovers a riddle that his wife apparently left him. The whole world could be in danger. Did his wife make an incredible discovery in space?

Check out the trailer for The Signal here:

The Signal is the biggest German sci-fi series

The signal was from Nadine Gottmann and Sebastian Hilger who already made the film together in 2016 We are the flood have made. The sea suddenly disappears into it. The four episodes are directed by Sebastian Hilger and Philipp Leinemann.

Incidentally, the main actor Florian David Fitz himself co-wrote the scripts, who also recently wrote the films Oskar’s Dress, 100 Things and The Hottest Day. Fitz returns to his origins after a very long cinema phase. In 2008 he had his big breakthrough as Dr. Marc Meier in the TV series Doctor’s Diary.

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