New Leak About The Biggest Marvel Spectacle of the Year

New Leak About The Biggest Marvel Spectacle of the Year: Deadpool 3 Photos Reveal Big Ryan Reynolds Twist

Hardly any recent Marvel film has had to contend with as many leaks as Deadpool 3the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for the first time as Deadpool and Wolverine in an MCU film. As part of the ongoing filming, set photos appear again and again Cameos or surprising ones Marvel connections reveal before launch.

Deadpool 3 could not only turn the MCU on its head with its brutal mutant duo, but as a multiverse adventure it also promises a lot of crazy surprises. One of them has now been revealed by further set images that have found their way online. There’s a huge twist for Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel anti-hero.

Warning, massive spoilers follow about Deadpool 3:

New Marvel leak: Ryan Reynolds’ anti-hero meets himself in Deadpool 3

The Marvel multiverse has already shown us in Doctor Strange 2, Loki and Spider-Man: No Way Home alternate versions of well-known Marvel superheroes from different realities. A new set photo from the filming of Deadpool 3 now reveals that we have at least one so-called Variant by Wade Wilson get to see.

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The new images show a scene from Deadpool 3, in which Wolverine and Wade Wilson accompanied from future fan favorite Dogpool – meet an alternative version of the spell-thumping mercenary who also played by Ryan Reynolds becomes. However, this Wade doesn’t have a disfigured face and instead features long hair and a shinier superhero costume.

We can assume that there won’t be a single alternative Deadpool variant. Rumors (via The Direct) According to this, a younger version called Kidpool could also be seen in the multiverse spectacle, created by Percy Jackson-Star Walker Scobell should be played. This was already in the Netflix film The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds in front of the camera.

When does Deadpool 3 start in cinemas?

Although filming is still ongoing, the Marvel sequel with Deadpool and Wolverine is scheduled to begin on July 24, 2024 start in German cinemas. Deadpool 3 is the only MCU blockbuster to hit the big screen this year.

Rumor has it it could the first trailer for Deadpool 3 could be released as early as February 14th as part of the Super Bowls.

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