Biggest Sci-fi Film Of 2023

Probably The Biggest Sci-fi Film Of 2023 is Now Available in Home Theaters: Epic Robot War Could be Nominated For Several Oscars

If you over The Creator reading, you can’t help but think about it several film greats to stumble to which the sci-fi robot fight is compared. Names like this come up AvatarStar Wars, Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now. In addition to the visually stunning spaceships and the war setting, there is also one emotional action not missing that of ET – The Extraterrestrial was inspired. here is the Biggest Sci-fi Film Of 2023.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone saw the film in the cinema, that’s where it played just $98 million and that with a budget of 80 million. The reviews were positive and the film could also be in the running for some Oscars. If you missed The Creator on the big screen, you can watch it Save home theater version.

That’s what The Creator is about: Biggest Sci-fi Film Of 2023

Director Gareth Edwards tells one in The Creator gripping story, in which the earth’s population faces off against machines driven by artificial intelligence. We are in the year 2070, in which the… World divided by a devastating war is. People live in the west, on the other side lies the new continent of New Asia, where the robots live.

The legendary creator Nirmata is behind the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and is now supposed to have one too AI super weapon have developed that could wipe out humanity forever. The ex-soldier Joshua (John David Washington) is supposed to track down the weapon, but the special agent meets one Robot in child form.

The Creator could receive Oscar nominations

For a sci-fi production, Edwards had an extremely low budget 80 million dollars available, from which he truly got the best. The Academy has also become aware of the impressive images filmed in eight different countries became.

Published in December Academy the Shortlist from ten of the 23 categories and The Creator is included twice. When it comes to sound, the sci-fi spectacle can be found on the list along with the high-flyers Barbie and Oppenheimer. And also at Visual Effects we see The Creator, which is not surprising, he was highly praised for that.

Tomorrow we’ll find out whether The Creator received a nomination in both or possibly more categories. At the On January 23rd, the Academy announces the five candidates known in their respective category. The award ceremony itself will take place on March 10th. With or without the golden boy, The Creator is definitely worth watching.

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