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Reacher Season 3 Is Already On The Way: There Are 27 Ways The Story Continues On Amazon

Reacher season 3: Reacher has successfully aired another season on Amazon Prime. The action series already occupied the streaming service’s series charts following its strong debut. The sequel was no different. It’s been dominating for weeks gigantic ex-military the list of the most popular series on Amazon.

After eight episodes, however, it’s over again and the wait for the next season begins. At least there is good news. Amazon doesn’t leave us fidgeting. The third season has long since received the green light. We’ll give you an overview of what you can expect from the upcoming episodes of Reacher.

When does Reacher season 3 start on Amazon Prime?

We have known since December 2023: Reacher is definitely returning to Amazon Prime with a third season. However, it is not yet clear when this will be published. What is certain is that the waiting time this time will be significantly shorter than the almost two-year break between seasons 1 and 2. Because the Filming for season 3 started a few days ago like main characters Alan Ritchson revealed on Instagram.

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We expect Reacher season 3 to arrive at the end of 2024 at the earliest, but sooner Early 2025 on Amazon Prime appears. It is very likely that the release will be weekly again, i.e. a new episode will be released every Friday. It can be assumed that eight of these await us again.

Reacher Season 3

Which story will be filmed in Reacher Season 3?

Each Reacher season adapts a novel by Lee Childs underlying book series. However, the series doesn’t take the order very seriously. While the first season is based on the first novel, Megalomania (OT:Killing Floor), the second season adapted the eleventh Reacher volume, Trouble (OT: Bad Luck and Trouble).

This leaves the creative minds around series creators Nick Santora a total of 27 more novels from the Reacher universe that are waiting to be told in the form of moving images. Since 1997, Child has written at least one new Reacher volume per year.

All Reacher books at a glance:

  • Megalomania (Killing Floor, 1997)
  • Delivered (The Trying, 1998)
  • His true face (Tripwire, 1999)
  • Time for revenge (The Visitor/Running Blind, 2000)
  • At the last second (Echo Burning, 2001)
  • Deadly intent (Without Fail, 2002)
  • The Janus Man (Persuader, 2003)
  • The hit list (The Enemy, 2004)
  • Sniper (One Shot, 2005)
  • Way Out (The Hard Way, 2006)
  • Trouble (Bad Luck and Trouble, 2007)
  • Outlaw (Nothing to Lose, 2008)
  • Underground (Gone Tomorrow, 2009)
  • 61 hours (61 Hours, 2010)
  • Wasp nest (Worth Dying For, 2010)
  • The final command (The Affair, 2011)
  • The hitchhiker (A Wanted Man, 2012)
  • The hunted (Never Go Back, 2013)
  • In sight (Staff, 2014)
  • No compromise (Make Me, 2015)
  • The investigator (Night School, 2016)
  • The loner (No Middle Name, 2017)
  • The Hound (The Midnight Line, 2017)
  • The specialist (Past Tense, 2018)
  • The hyenas (Blue Moon, 2019)
  • The scapegoat (The Sentinel, 2020)
  • Better Off Dead (2021)
  • The Secret (2023)
  • In Too Deep (2024)

It would of course be a big surprise if the third season of Reacher was based directly on the latest novel, In Too Deep, which will not be released until October 2024. So far there is no concrete information as to which story will be made into a film.

The films with Tom Cruise in the main role, namely Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: No way backwere dedicated to the Reacher adventures Sniper (OT: One Shot) and The hunted (OT: Never Go Back). You can currently watch both with a subscription on Netflix and Sky’s streaming service WOW to while away the waiting time for season 3.

Is Reacher Season 3 Based on Alan Ritchson’s Favorite Book?

Reacher star Alan Ritchson has a clear favorite of Lee Child’s novels. Delivered (OT: Die Trying), the second Reacher adventure, is at the top of his list. Now many fans are speculating that the third season of the series will take this story as a model. The set photo above could provide a clear clue as to how CinemaBlend reported. A fan analyzes with an expert eye:

I’ll commit: That’s Alan filming the scene in Die Trying where (Jack Reacher) crawls underground and tries not to giving in to his claustrophobia. I bet they are adapting the book for season 3!!

Although Ritchson tries hard not to show too much of the set, the snapshot he shared on Instagram actually fits the description of the Reacher scene from the book very well. There will certainly be more updates about the filming of Reacher season 3 in the coming weeks and months.

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