Sci-Fi Escalation in the Star Trek Universe: All 9 films and series that can be seen from 2024

Sci-Fi Escalation in the Star Trek Universe: All 9 films and series that can be seen from 2024

Star Trek has been at a standstill in cinemas for over seven years. Similar like the Star Wars franchise The sci-fi series used this break efficiently to position itself prominently in the streaming sector with several series. But Trekkies can look forward to a promising future: not only are there new series, but Star Trek Series are finally coming back.

Four new films are currently in development. There are also five series and seasons that can be seen this year and next. You have that Overview of ongoing and announced Star Trek projects lost? Don’t worry, because we have put together a practical list of all the films and series that are scheduled to start in 2024 and beyond.

These 5 Star Trek Series Start in 2024 and 2025

What is Starfleet Academy?

The latest Star Trek series has been in development at Paramount+ for some time and is scheduled to start filming in 2024. The Mix of sci-fi and young adult series follows the next generation of Starfleet officers as they grow together during rigorous training. It is not yet known in which Star Trek era the Starfleet Academy spin-off will take place.

2025 and beyond: These 4 Star Trek Series are supposed to come

A total of 13 Star Trek films were released between 1979 and 2016, three of which are set in the Kelvin timeline canon and 10 in the original continuity. But what about the film future of the sci-fi series and when will the cinema break finally end?

Plans for various iterations of a new movie have kept Trekkies trapped in a transport buffer between anticipation and disappointment for years. Projects by Quentin Tarantino, Matt Shakman and Noah Hawley came to nothing. But now things should finally move forward.

Four different Star Trek films are currently in the works at Paramount. While three of them are still in the early stages of development, one project will already be filmed this year:

Michelle Yeoh returns to Section 31

  • Star Trek: Section 31: After 3 seasons as Philippa Georgiou left Michelle Yeoh the crew of the USS Discovery behind them to lead a planned spin-off series about the secret service Section 31. For a long time it was suspiciously quiet about the series project, then a film was announced. However, this should not come to the cinema, but exclusively to Paramount+. Since filming won’t take place until this year, we shouldn’t expect it to start before 2025.
  • Star Trek prequel: In January 2024, concrete decisions were made for the first time in a long time Plans for a new Star Trek movie known. Toby Haynes takes over the directing command of the prequel film, which is placed in the Kelvin timeline many decades before the most recent cinema trilogy. When it comes to sci-fi prequels, Haynes is the guy: he previously directed six episodes of the Star Wars series Andor.
  • Star Trek 4: A fourth film in the Kelvin films released between 2009 and 2016 is said to still be in development. This could surround the Enterprise crew Chris Pines Bringing Captain Kirk together once again on the big screen for a final adventure.
  • A Picard film: Although Star Trek: Picard should be a farewell, is Patrick Stewart not yet ready to finally give up his communicator. Jean-Luc Picard and other members of his former Enterprise crew could soon return for another Star Trek film. In a podcast interview in January 2024, Stewart revealed that There is already a script. The Picard film has not yet been officially announced. It’s likely that this will be designed as a streaming release for Paramount+.

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