Today There is an almost 3-hour treasure hunting adventure on TV - with one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 80s

Today There is an almost 3-hour treasure hunting adventure on TV – with one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 80s

In the 80s there was a heartthrob Patrick Swayze in cult films How Dirty dancing, Road House and Ghost – Message from Sam to see. In 2004 he put on his adventurer’s hat and set off Quatermain and King Solomon’s Treasure on a treasure hunt. The two-parter by Steve Boyum became filmed for British televisionboth parts are on TV today.

That’s what the action-adventure Quatermain is all about

The famous big game hunter Allan Quatermain (Patrick Swayze) is enjoying his life on the African continent until suddenly Elisabeth Maitland (Alison Doody) is in front of him. She hires him, hers kidnapped father (John Standing) to find. The archaeologist was searching for King Solomon’s legendary treasure, but was captured by a tribe. Quatermain and Elisabeth embark on an expedition into the wilderness unexplored continent harbors deadly dangers.

Quatermain was Patrick Swayze’s childhood idol

The first film adaptation the fictional character Quatermain was one Silent film production from 1919. The British author H. Rider Haggard created the great adventurer in 1885 and left him in thirteen novels and several short stories appear. The protagonist is based on the famous big game hunter Frederick Courteney Selous, from whose travel reports Haggard was inspired.

Swayze himself was a big fan of the books as a child. The Figure gave him strengthas he said in an interview with the New York Times reported. Because as a child with artistic ambitions, it wasn’t easy to stand up for himself when he with ballet shoes and violin ran across the street under his arm. He had to put up with a lot. What also moves him about the character of Quatermain is that it’s not about embodying a macho man, but rather a man who tries to survive in a peaceful way. About his role he said:

I’m really proud of that. I think I managed to not just play a manly guy on a horse and with a Winchester, but to really find a way to turn Allan Quatermain into a three-dimensional character who doesn’t have all the right answers.

When is Quatermain and the Treasure of King Solomon on TV?

The broadcaster Tele 5 shows Quatermain twice Double pack. Part 1 runs today Saturday (January 27) at 8:15 p.m. The second part runs immediately afterwards at 10 p.m. The films will be repeated one day later, on January 28th. You can see part 1 there in the afternoon at 4:40 p.m. and part again at 6:25 p.m.

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