Perfect Replacement For Eternal Guilt

Perfect Replacement For Eternal Guilt: Crime thriller with Daisy Ridley Tells a Really Dark Story

The year is still young, but Netflix has already launched its first high-flyer series. The eight-part one Harlan Coben-Filming In eternal guilt has been in the since the beginning of January Top 10 most popular Netflix series. No wonder the streaming service already ordered the next two Coben series. If you don’t want to wait that long for the thriller replenishment, we have the Perfect Replacement For Eternal Guilt. Starting tomorrow there will be an exciting crime story in the cinema, which is also based on a successful book. The Awakening of the Huntress goes to the novel The Moor Daughter by bestselling author Karen Dionne back.

After In Eternal Guilt on Netflix, the crime thriller The Awakening of the Huntress is coming to the cinema

The story of The Awakening of the Huntress tells of the young woman Helena (Daisy Ridley), whose mother was married to a man named Jacob (Ben Mendelsohn), who is also her father, was kidnapped. Helena grew up in captivity far away from civilization, before the so-called Moor King was caught by the authorities.You can watch the trailer for The Awakening of the Huntress here:

Years later, Helena learns that Jacob has escaped from prison. She fears that he is targeting her own daughter has. Helena definitely doesn’t want to let the past repeat itself. With her survival instincts sharpened, she becomes a hunter and sets off in search of the escaped psychopath.

Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn: Two Star Wars stars return to the cinema in The Awakening of the Huntress

The Awakening of the Huntress marks one of the first major leading roles that Daisy Ridley took on after the end of the Star Wars trilogy, in which she appeared as Rey Skywalker was to be seen. In recent years things have been surprisingly quiet around the British actress, even though she has been making new films almost non-stop. Now she is finally returning to the big screen after a long break.

In addition to The Awakening of the Huntress, three films have been added to Ridley’s filmography, that are waiting for publicationstarting with the indie drama Sometimes I Think About Dying about the Gertrude Eberle biopic Young Woman and the Sea to neo-noir Magpie. She also had a speaking role in the animated film The Inventor. None of them have a German (home) cinema release yet.

Ridley isn’t the only Star Wars star in The Huntress’s Awakens. Ben Mendelsohn was also able to demonstrate his acting talent in the galaxy far, far away. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story he embodied it Villain Orson Krennic, who advances the construction of the Death Star. Now he can once again show his mysterious side, which he has already demonstrated several times.

Mendelsohn’s specialty is scary characters that you would never want to meet. Particularly noteworthy here is the Netflix series, which has unfortunately been forgotten Bloodlinein which he shone in a dubious role. Now he faces Daisy Ridley on the moor. After the nerve-wracking trailer, we can’t wait to see which of the two leaves the desolate wetland alive.

Awakening of the Huntress starts on January 25, 2024 in cinemas.

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