The Martian 2 coming?

The Martian 2 isn’t coming, but this terrific sci-fi series feels like the perfect sequel

With The Martian has director Ridley Scott creating one of the most popular science fiction films of recent years. The story takes you to the year 2035 and tells about one nerve-racking rescue mission. The astronaut Mark Watney, played by Matt Damonstuck on Mars and fighting for survival. What follows is a race against time: can the NASA crew on Earth find a way to save Watney in time before his supplies run out? The The production of the film seems so realistic that many people asked themselves at the cinema release, whether The Martian is based on true events. In addition, many fans also ask themselves: How does the story continue?

Is The Martian 2 coming? So far there are no plans for a sequel to the sci-fi film

The Martian was a huge hit at the box office. With a budget of $108 million, the film grossed over $630 million (via Box Office Mojo ). Concrete However, there are currently no plans for a second part. Surprising actually, considering Hollywood’s obsession with franchises. One of the main reasons why there is no Martian sequel is the original book. The one from Andy Weir The bestseller written on which the sci-fi adventure is based has already been exhausted with Scott’s film adaptation. There has been one for this since 2019 excellent sci-fi serieswhich now feels like The Martian 2: For All Mankind.

You can watch the trailer for For All Mankind here:

For All Mankind S03 Trailer (English) HD

For All Mankind started five years ago on the streaming service Apple TV+ and is about the space race. Instead of the USA, however, the Soviet Union lands on the moon first. This event occurs one alternative historiography going on, in which NASA plays a much more important role than in our current, real world.

The great sci-fi series For All Mankind goes further than The Martian 2 ever could

The moon is just one of many stages in For All Mankind. It doesn’t take long before Mars comes into humanity’s sights. An experienced astronaut like Mark Watney would be perfect Construction of the first Mars colony to initiate, whether on site or from the ground. Watney would fit perfectly into For All Mankind. If you liked The Martian and really want to see part 2, the series is a good option ideal quasi-sequel at. Four seasons have been released so far. The two youngest spend a lot of time on Mars and describe a thrilling conquest of the red planet: first there is the spirit of discovery, later there is greed.

What both The Martian and For All Mankind do extremely well: although both stories are clearly in the sci-fi genre, they are told so believably and humanelythat you can consider them real. They also share a hopeful view of the future: If there is a problem, a solution can be found.

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