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New Game of Thrones Series About Conquering Westeros: Will the Most Mysterious Catastrophe in the Fantasy Epic Finally be Shown?

Three siblings on their dragons, and seven kingdoms. The result is one of the drastic events in the world of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. As “Aegon’s Conquest” the story entered the fictional fantasy annals. But we have not yet seen in series form how the greatest of all Targaryen princes conquered Westeros and had the Iron Throne forged. That could change. Because after game of Thrones and House of the Dragon HBO is developing a series about Aegon.

This is what is known about the New Game of Thrones Series

As mentioned, the project is currently only in development status. Casting can’t be thought about for a long time. A report from the most reliable industry magazine provides the following details Hollywood Reporter price:

  • The series is said to be from the Conquest of Westeros by Aegon Targaryen act, so it would be a little over 100 years before the events of House of the Dragon play.
  • author Mattson Tomlin was supervised with development. He wrote the template for the Netflix film Project Power helped revise the script of The Batman and wrote to The Batman 2 with.
  • According to a source at the industry publication, the approach is described as “back to basics”. “back to basics” from Martin’s fantasy universe. Only the source itself knows what exactly that means.
  • There is no official confirmation from HBO.

Aegon conquered Westeros with much larger dragons

In Game of Thrones, Aegon’s conquest is an event from distant history, as the series begins almost 300 years later. Things look different with House of the Dragon. The mighty dragon lady Vaghar, who we meet in HotD, took part in the conquest. Aegon flew on his dragon Balerion (the largest Westeros has ever seen), while his two sisters and wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, flew into battle on Vaghar and Meraxes, respectively. Together they conquered six of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Only Dorne resisted successfully.

Speaking of distant history…

The Aegon series could show the fall of Valyria

Aegon’s conquest is preceded by what is probably the greatest catastrophe in George RR Martin’s fantasy world. The Targaryen family and their dragons originally come from the state of Valyria on the continent of Essos.

When a daughter of the house dreams a vision of doom, the Targaryens and five of their dragons flee to the island of Dragonstone. And indeed: 12 years later The 5,000-year-old empire of Valyria falls after a mysterious catastrophe, along with his accumulated knowledge, countless dragons and population. The so-called “Downfall” or “Doom of Valyria” has been shrouded in mystery ever since. Nobody knows for sure what happened.

Aegon’s conquest took place approximately 100 years after the Fall, meaning Aegon did not experience the escape to Dragonstone himself. However, a flashback that goes into the Targaryens’ journey from their home to Dragonstone would be conceivable. House of the Dragon already opened with a flashback to give us context.

It’s a long time ago not sure if the Aegon series will be produced. HBO regularly develops Game of Thrones spin-offs, but also cancels them if the concept isn’t convincing. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the green light was only given for House of the Dragon A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight.

But and here we have room to dream – we have never been as close to the downfall of Valyria as in an Aegon series. So how about a tiny glimpse of Valyria, where the only other dragon tamers met their deaths? Please?!

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