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Big Surprise in The Rookie Season 6 Spoiled by Star of the Series: Tiny detail teases very specific wedding

A few days ago a new trailer for season 6 of The Rookie The anticipation for the coming episodes has been fueled again. Fans can now especially hear from the couple Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) and Tim Bradford (Eric Winters), better known as”Chenford“, not getting enough.

The romance between John Bailey (Nathan Fillion) and Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) out of. However, a past TikTok video made it pretty clear that The Rookie Season 6 probably that Wedding which will show both of them.

TikTok clip reveals surprise from The Rookie season 6

The magazine Myself has reported that Bailey actress Jenna Dewan currently pregnant and is expecting her third child. Further down in the article there is an even more exciting detail to discover, especially for fans of the series. For a TikTok video from late 2023, the cast of The Rookie was asked who they would warn a person they were allowed to bring onto the series’ set about:

In addition to the answers themselves, what stands out in the compilation is Dewan’s costume. She shows herself in a wedding dress in the short clip! This spoiler detail clearly suggests that The Rookie Season 6 will also revolve around John and Bailey’s wedding.

When will The Rookie Season 6 come to Germany?

The Rookie Season 6 starts in the USA on February 20, 2024. A German start date is not yet known. We do the math in this country no earlier than the end of 2024 with the publication.

You can stream the first 4 seasons of the series on Netflix. At Disney+ * The 5th season is already available in its entirety as a subscription.

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