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Today on TV: The Downfall of a Multi-Million Dollar Fantasy Series that has now been revived after 10 years

Fantasy young adult book series are perfect for film adaptations, as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have proven, among others. In 2010 the youth book Percy Jackson: Thieves of Olympus filmed by Rick Riordan. It’s about the eponymous hero, the son of Poseidon, who encounters all sorts of monsters on his adventures. Then followed in 2013 Percy Jackson 2: The Spell of the Cyclops from Thor Freudenthalwhich is on TV today.

That’s what the young adult book adaptation Percy Jackson 2 is about

After demigod Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) the world saved his fame is slowly fading away. But soon Percy gets the chance to clean up the mess again, because… Demigod Camp Protection Wall is broken. Only the Golden Fleece can avert the impending catastrophe.

And so Percy and his friends Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), Grover (Brandon T Jackson) and his half-brother Tyson (Douglas Smith) head to the Bermuda Triangle to find the relic. Stand up for the demigods exciting adventure in the depths of the ocean.

The Percy Jackson series breaks series records

Although the two films more than double their production costs played, it didn’t happen anymore originally planned third part. Fans of the youth book series were recently able to get this Percy Jackson: The Series be happy. This started on Disney+ in December 2023 broke a record straight away of the streaming provider. Because the first episode was complete in the first six days Viewed 13.3 million timesmore often than any other series.

When is Percy Jackson on TV?

Percy Jackson 2: The Spell of the Cyclops is playing today, on February 7th, at 8:15 p.m on Kabel 1. The repetition follows the night from Wednesday to Thursday at 00:55 a.m. Alternatively, you can stream the film together with the first part on Disney+.

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