The Perfect Yellowstone Replacement is Coming Soon

Where takes Taylor Sheridan all this time ago? The creator behind the hit series Yellowstone is currently working on several projects at the same time. So he’s not just bringing the finale of the Dutton saga and 4 spin-offs in position, but is also working on the sequels Tulsa King and Mayor of Kingstown as well as one massive western epic. And another series project will be added soon: Landman swaps Montana ranch drama for Texas oil drama and features some well-known stars.

The New Taylor Sheridan Series Brings Back Three Stars From The Yellowstone Universe

According to a press release from Paramount+, filming of the new Taylor Sheridan series is already underway in Texas. The Yellowstone maker developed Landman together with Christian Wallace based on his 11-part podcast series Boomtown.

The new series follows us West Texas into the world of the oil industry. The focus is on Tommy Norris (Billy Bob Thornton), the crisis manager of an oil company, and Cami (Demi Moore), the wife of a powerful oil tycoon.

According to the official plot description, what awaits us is “a story about daredevils and unpredictable billionairesfueling an economic boom that has an extreme impact on the climate, economy and geopolitics“.

Taylor Sheridan fans can expect the same in the main cast three familiar faces from the Yellowstone universe be happy. Billy Bob Thornton previously in 1883 to see while Michelle Randolph in 1923 played along. James Jordan however, took over in Yellowstone as well as 1883 roles. The cast also includes the actress known from the Resident Evil films and the superhero series Heroes Ali Larter.

When does Landman start on Paramount+?

The streaming service has not yet announced a specific start date or the number of episodes for the series. But since production has already started, Landman could at Paramount+ at the end of 2024 be visible.

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