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One Of The Best Series Has Grossed Over 5 Billion

Master director James Cameron knows how to make commercially successful films that also convince critics. After he joined in 1997 Titanic the one to date most successful film of all time had staged, he broke up in the following years his own record twice. In the meantime there is Avatar with almost $3 billion at the top. The second part Avatar The Way of Water is in third place with 2.3 billion, just ahead of Titanic. The two popular sci-fi films will be released on March 22nd in a limited Steelbook Collector’s Edition in 4K UHD and Blu-ray and can already be pre-ordered now.

The two Avatar films are available in different versions for home cinema. Departure for Pandora is available next to the one that will be released soon limited steelbook edition * with extensive Bonus material in the Standard 4K version *, in the 3D version *, on Blu-ray * and DVD *.

The Way of Water also appears in one limited steelbook edition *, which is unfortunately not currently available on Amazon, but is available on MediaMarkt. Alternatively, you can find one published in July on Amazon Steelbook edition *, also the 4K Standard Edition *, the 3D version *, the Blu-ray * and the DVD version *.

Part 3 of the five-part film series will be released in 2025

When Avatar was released in theaters in 2009, the film revolutionized 3D cinema with the colorful imagery of a completely new planet. Although James Cameron spoke of a sequel a year later, the second part was not released until 2022.

The unusual and challenging filming cost 350 million and lasted 18 months long and become in described in detail in our article. The series will consist of 5 films in total and this time production will move much faster. part 3 should already In cinemas at the end of 2025 run.

That’s what the Avatar film series is all about

Setting off for Pandora, paralyzed ex-Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) on the alien planet Pandora scientific experiment part. He mentally controls his avatar, which is physically infiltrated on the planet as a spy. But Sully soon finds himself caught between the two fronts and is drawn into a fight when he finds himself in Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in love with him Native culture Pandoras closer.

In The Way of Water, the planet Pandora is initially at peace after most of the hostile people have been driven away. Jake Sully and Neytiri now have one founded a large family, but the peace doesn’t last forever. The human invaders return and open the Hunt for the defected Sully and his family. This is hiding with the water tribe of the Metkayina.

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