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More powerful than Gandalf? Amazon is lining up Sauron’s ultimate opponent for Season 2 of the Lord of the Rings Series

The fantasy series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 is located at Amazon Prime Video * in post-production. Its launch is expected this year. What plot developments Middle-earth fans can expect is already revealed with magical new information.

In The Rings of Power Season 2, a new wizard trains Sauron’s opponent

Although Amazon remains tight-lipped about news from Middle-earth, We already know a lot about the second season of The Rings of Power. New details keep leaking out, like this recently, for example Reunion with the Oliphants from the films. The fan page Fellowship of Fans which regularly taps its secret series informants to gain advance insights into the hotly anticipated fantasy return, has found out something exciting: Apparently Sauron’s greatest opponent will be trained in Season 2.

The Lord of the Rings fan page leak is best broken down step by step because it has several parts:

  • In season 2 of The Rings of Power we follow the Harfoot Girl Nori (Markella Kavenagh) and the magical “Strange” (Daniel Weyman), which most fans now believe to be the wizard Gandalf, eastward.
  • The Lord of the Rings series wants build the stranger into Sauron’s main opponent, so the two rivals can clash in future seasons. Season 2 is probably about him learning to control his powers, which makes it unlikely that the two will meet.

The Rings of Power: Does Season 2 Show a Big Wizarding Gathering?

The magical new teacher in East Middle-earth must be extremely powerful himself if he can even teach the stranger (our potential Gandalf) anything. It is unclear whether this new addition is one of the five Istari or another magical creature. After all, Tolkien has with them Istari five powerful magicians introduced to Middle-earth: a gray, white, brown and two blue wizards.

What speaks in favor of the magician theory: Fellowship of Fans also wants to know that Amazon is one Special permission for magician use has brought. Actually, the Prime series (according to the secured film rights) is only allowed to do this Attachments * Use Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels as the basis for the series. Now The Rings of Power is said to have also received additional approvals for two other Tolkien texts, one of them from the Unfinished Tales*. The other text is even supposed to describe the journey of the Istari Second Middle-earth Age to East, which would allow the series to feature an appearance by all five wizards.

When does The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 Start on Amazon Prime?

Amazon has not yet announced an official start date for the return of The Rings of Power. However, it is expected that the 2nd season will be released in Fall 2024i.e. two years after season 1, will arrive on Prime Video.

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