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On TV today: Leonardo DiCaprio Masterpiece for Which he Deserved an Oscar (and then got it for the wrong film)

Films three hours long are rarely as entertaining and entertaining as they are The Wolf of Wall Street. With the mixture of drama, comedy, satire and biopic Martin Scorsese once again shot a masterpiece that… The abysses of the financial world are as crazy as they are absurd. The focus of the film, which Arte is broadcasting on Sunday, is Leonardo DiCaprios outstanding acting performance as real-life role model Jordan Belfort. He deserved an Oscar for Best Actor for the role. A little later he got it for the wrong film.

Crackers from Scorsese and DiCaprio on TV: That’s what The Wolf of Wall Street is About

The story, inspired by true facts, revolves around Jordan Belfort, who goes from being unemployed to… one of the richest men America rises. He initially succeeded in this thanks to his charismatic sales talent, with which he became a megastar in the broker scene at the end of the 80s. He then celebrates his greatest successes with his own team and crooked stock deals on Wall Street. Of course, at some point the FBI finds out about him.

Leonardo DiCaprio should have Won the Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street instead of The Revenant

As Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio pulls out all the stops of his acting skills. After initially setting up the character as a likeable rascal, he increasingly transforms Belfort into a delusional animal amidst the excess of money, drugs, women and a number of other corrupt pleasures.

The star would have been rewarded for his performance as success-driven embodiment of capitalism, which would probably still get you an expensive subscription contract over the phone, definitely deserves the Oscar for Best Actor. DiCaprio got this too, but only two years after The Wolf of Wall Street for another film: The Revenant.

Even though the intense survival drama of Alejandro González Iñárritu is anything but a bad film, DiCaprio’s performance as the lead falls into the most obvious Oscar Bait category. It’s the kind of one-dimensional acting where suffered with as much grinding of teeth and pain as possible in order to convince even the last member of the Academy.

The Oscar that the star received for The Revenant also seemed, in part, to make up for all the passed-over roles for which DiCaprio was not recognized. The Wolf of Wall Street is one of them.

When is The Wolf of Wall Street on TV?

Arte broadcasts the Scorsese hit February 11, 2024 at 9:55 p.m out of. The film runs until 12:45 a.m. without commercials. Alternatively, you can stream The Wolf of Wall Street with a Netflix subscription.

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