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Today on TV: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Tonight’s TV evening is secured because the first Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is, despite the franchise’s current crisis, an extremely successful fantasy adventure in itself. Which is good, because we probably won’t see the end of the series.

On TV: The First Beasts Movie is an excitingly independent fantasy foray into the world of Harry Potter

The British magician Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) has dedicated himself as a “magizoologist” to his love of magical creatures. However, when he travels to New York in the 1920s, a few of his fantastic animal creatures escape him and so he ends up on the radar of the American Magical Authority (MACUSA). With the help of the non-magical Jacob (Dan Fogler) and the witch Tina (Katherine Waterston), he tries to make amends for his misstep before the stern Graves (Colin Farrell) holds him accountable. But perhaps there is a much larger conspiracy underlying all this?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The first Fantastic Beasts film cost loudly Deadline 180 to 200 million US dollars and knew how to use its budget well (and quadruple its revenue to 816 million). What made the fantasy adventure so good was that fresh look at the well-known Harry Potter world: Because after the 8 films of the bespectacled magic student had hardly ventured beyond the English borders, the magic world was now opening up before our eyes in the USA to become an international community with cultural differences. And in a completely new (past) era.

Instead of school lessons and the danger of Voldemort, they moved here older characters with completely different magical problems as well as the amazing world of mythical creatures into focus. With an unusual main character (Newt Scamander is most likely autistic) and Colin Farrell, who was so enthusiastic about playing that gave him goosebumps, the spin-off found its successful tone between magical comedy and dark hints. The fact that the beast film always exuded a love of magic without (like the later parts) clinging to the connections to earlier Harry Potter parts made this start an extraordinary fantasy excursion.

Parts 4 and 5: Why the end of the Fantastic Beasts is probably no longer coming

Although Fantastic Beasts 4 and Fantastic Beasts 5 were planned as the end of the series, Things are currently bad about completing the 5-part story. After Part 2 fell short of financial expectations at the box office, the film failed Harry Potter spin-off finally in crisis with part 3. Johnny Depp’s exchange as Grindelwald and the JK Rowling controversy did the rest to ensure that third film about the decision-maker about the future of animals close.

Fantastic Beasts franchise in ruins

If we now look back at the grosses of all films, Beasts 3 is loud with its $407 million Box Office Mojo the weakest part in the entire Harry Potter universe. Warner Bros. has not yet officially canceled the last two sequels. That the studio does In part 3, many storylines come to an early end brought and then one Harry Potter series as a remake commissioned, speaks volumes about the lack of confidence in further sequels for Newt and co.

Director David Yates recently revealed that Since Part 3, no discussions about further Animal Creatures sequels took place and the fantasy franchise was temporarily parked.

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