500 million Disaster Film Returns: First Trailer For the Action-Packed Tornado Madness Twisters

Who would have thought we would ever see a sequel to the tornado madness Twister from 1996? Thanks to one flying cow the disaster film became a cult. However, very few people have probably thought seriously about how the story continues. Almost 30 years later, we still get the answer. With the first trailer Twisters released during the Super Bowl, heralds the arrival of a new generation of tornado hunters. Daisy Edgar Jones and Glen Powell This time they are looking for them gigantic monsters which devastate entire regions and hold the potential for the perfect summer blockbuster.

You Can Watch The First Trailer For Twisters Here:

Twister was a huge success in 1996. The Revival of the disaster film was in full swing at that time. With Daylight and Independence Day Two more hits were released in the cinema in the same year. Twister was able to gross almost $500 million on a budget of around $90 million Box Office Mojo holds on.

Twisters: After Helen Hunt and Bill Paxten, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powll go tornado hunting

From the stars of the original, among others Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton and Cary Elwes, no one returns in the sequel. Instead we get to know new characters, giving free rein to their tornado obsession. The cast features some tempting names, starting with Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell.

Edgar-Jones succeeded with the series in 2020 Normal people her big breakthrough. Furthermore, she was in the hit movie The song of the crayfish and the horror thriller Fresh to see. Powell has been since hisTop Gun: Maverick-Triumph on everyone’s lips and ended up with the RomCom Where the lie falls a box office success.

Two rising stars in the lead roles and lots of familiar faces alongside them: Zum excellent cast of Twisters include, among others Anthony Ramos (In the Heights), Sasha Lane (American Honey), Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and David Corenswetwho leads the new DC Universe as Superman.

The choice of director is no less exciting: indie darling Lee Isaac Chung has last with Minari – Where we put down roots a really strong family drama brought to the cinema, which was even nominated for six Oscars in 2021. The film won the award for Best Supporting Actress, Yoon Yeo-jeong.

After two short detours into the Star Wars universe (Chung directed episodes of The Mandalorian and Skeleton crew), he is now making his blockbuster debut. Like from a report in the local newspaper The Oklahoman As can be seen, he had a budget of $200 million available to implement his Twisters vision.

When does Twisters aka Twister 2 start in cinemas?

From then on July 19, 2024 the tornadoes are raging in the cinema again. We can’t wait to see what kind of catastrophe blockbuster has been brewed under Chung’s direction and especially how many cows are flying around this time.

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