New Marvel Film Now In Cinemas: This is what it looks like when Spider-Man becomes a teen-hunting killer

New Marvel Film Now In Cinemas: This is what it looks like when Spider-Man becomes a teen-hunting killer

So here is the New Marvel Film Now In Cinemas check it. After the ridiculous meme sensation Morbius and the crazy Tom Hardy sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage runs along Madam Web the new film from Sony’s smaller Marvel universe now in cinemas. The film with Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) and Sydney Sweeney (Where the Lie Falls) will hardly help the superhero franchise get into a better position. Madame Web is also a Morbius-like disaster, despite Dakota Johnson meme hype probably won’t even reach the cult trash status of the Jared Leto flop. At least there is one exciting thing about the director’s film SJ Clarkson, which concerns the villain. Anyone who has always wanted to see how disturbing Spider-Man would be as a ruthless psycho killer gets a glimpse of it in Madame Web.

Direction, script, effects: Madame Web is almost a total superhero failure

The film about the Marvel comic character reels off all the origin story clichés that we have been shown countless times in the cinema over the last 20 years. Madame Web not only comes across as completely dusty and out of date in terms of content, but it also looks that way. The CGI effects are almost a joke and are easily surpassed even by unfinished video game technology demos.

There are also wooden dialogues that the stars have to struggle through with sometimes visible disinterest. In terms of staging, every hint of speed, movement and action appears confusing, blurry or cut up in a completely confusing manner. Only Tahar Rahim (A Prophet) as the villain Ezekiel occasionally gives the Marvel blockbuster an oppressive charisma that is associated with one of the most likeable Marvel superheroes ever.

Madame Web Villain Becomes Spider-Man in Psycho killer Mode

The antagonist targets three teenage girls (Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced and Celeste O’Connor), who kill him in recurring visions as later superheroines. It would be It’s scary enough to watch a man trying to murder three schoolgirls.

Madame Web goes beyond this standard horror movie story, but becomes even more uncomfortable because Ezekiel has Spider-Man-style superpowers after an incident in the Amazon. Although he doesn’t fire nets from his hands. But just like the friendly neighborhood spider, he can crawl up walls and walk upside down along ceilings.

In Spider Man 3 from Sam Raimi There was a passage that briefly hinted at what a loss of control by Peter Parker would look like. Tobey Maguires In the controversial scenes, the version of the hero is controlled by the alien symbiote Venom and transforms into an anarchic daredevil, which many fans at the time laughed at as an emo joke character.

Madame Web takes this approach much further and shows the result when Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland in their Marvel roles Fall into psychopathic madness and mutate into unscrupulous killers would.

Cassie Webb’s visions of the future, with Ezekiel as a frightening apparition to which the three teenagers repeatedly fall brutal victims, seem like something from another film. Madame Web only hints at this. For brief moments this leaves Spider-Man villain in slasher mode but flash through what would have been possible with Sony’s latest Marvel low point.

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