The Rookie Season 6

The Rookie fans can freak out: Season 6 is set to start and it’s never Happened So Quickly

The Rookie Season 6 from February 20th. Until now, it was not clear when German fans would see the new episodes. That has now changed: The next season of the hit series is coming to us very soon.

The Rookie Season 6 Will be available in Germany Parallel to the US start

As Sky announced in a press release, the 6th season of The Rookie is already coming from February 21, 2024 to the WOW streaming subscription. New episodes will then always be published weekly. The episodes will then be published first in the original English language.

From March 6, 2024, the new The Rookie episodes will be available with German subtitles. If you want to wait for the German dubbing, you have to Please be patient until May 1, 2024. Sky will then make the 6th season of the series available for streaming in German.

Check Out the Trailer For Season 6 of The Rookie here:

What is The Rookie season 6 about?

In the new episodes the team needs after a mega shock in the 5th season Recreation. Nevertheless, the romance continues to crackle, with the fan-adored couple Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) and Tim Bradford (Eric Winters), better known as Chenford“, is particularly eagerly awaited.

You can already watch the first five seasons of The Rookie on Sky’s WOW * .

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