Maisie Williams Burst Into Tears While Filming Her New Series

Tougher Than Game of Thrones: Maisie Williams Burst Into Tears While Filming Her New Series

Maisie Williams is used to a lot. That’s no wonder, given all the hardships her character Arya Stark endures game of Thrones must suffer. While filming her upcoming drama series The New Look about the fashion designer Christian Dior She still couldn’t hold back her tears. Thanks to a scene in which absolutely no mistakes were allowed to happen.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams on series scene: “I burst into tears”

The Apple TV+ series The New Look stars alongside Christian Dior (Ben Mendelsohn) also about his sister Catherine, who was interned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp during the Second World War. As a Collider interview revealed, were Williams’ character had her hair shaved at the beginning of her captivity. The actress says:

It was a surreal experience. I thought about them (concentration camp inmates). I reflected that of all the stories about the camps, getting a haircut was probably the least frightening situation that could happen. So I tried to stay calm.

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The gruesome background of the scene and the emotionally charged loss of her hair ultimately pushed Maisie Williams to her limits. Added to this was, that everything had to work right away when filming the sequence: After all, once the hair was shaved off, the scene couldn’t be repeated. When the clapperboard dropped, the star could no longer hold back her tears:

It was even more exciting for hairstylist Cecile (Marchione), who cut my hair in the scene. The scissors kept breaking and my hair looked completely crazy afterwards. We knew that whatever the hairstyle was, it had to stay that way. Afterwards she said ‘I’m so sorry’, and I burst into tears.

However, she quickly recovered from filming the stirring scene, as Williams explains. Fans of the Game of Thrones star will soon be able to find out whether the emotional content carries over to the moment in the finished series.

When is Maisie Williams’ series The New Look coming to Apple TV+?

The New Look will be released on February 21, 2024 start on Apple TV+. In addition to Williams and Mendelsohn, among others, is in front of the camera Juliette Binoche (Beloved Cook).

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