Fantasy Film With Brad Pitt: Most Bizarre Death Scenes In Film History

Fantasy Film With Brad Pitt: Most Bizarre Death Scenes In Film History

Some films inexplicably disappear into obscurity and are absolutely worth a new look. Films that dare to tell a profound love story over the course of three hours, but one characterized by fantasy and otherworldly experiences. And they also try to explain what it actually means to be human. Other films are also worth taking a look behind the scenes. To see how much incredible lies behind the bizarre on screen. For Rendezvous with Joe Black Both apply. Because apart from a supernatural romance from Superstar’s obscure repertoire Brad Pitt the film offers much more. Fittingly, you can stream it starting today with an Amazon Prime subscription. So here we talk about Fantasy Film With Brad Pitt.

Here Are The Main Cast Members of Meet Joe Black:

  • Brad Pitt as Joe Black
  • Anthony Hopkins as Bill Parrish
  • Claire Forlani as Susan Parrish
  • Jake Weber as Drew
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Allison Parrish
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Quince
  • Director: Martin Brest
  • Writers: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade
  • IMDb RATING:7.2/10

In Rendezvous with Joe Black on Amazon Prime: Fantasy Film With Brad Pitt

The film begins like so many classic love stories with an encounter. Boy (Joe Black aka Brad Pitt) meets girl (Susan aka Claire Forlani), very romantic in the café. Only shortly afterwards the unthinkable happens: Joe dies in a tragic (and really weird) accident. But Susan doesn’t know anything about this. So she has no idea what’s really going on when Joe suddenly shows up at her door. He is here in the role of the Grim Reaper, who represents Susan’s father, the successful businessman William (Anthony Hopkins), should accompany you into the afterlife. But Joe Black’s curiosity about human life wins out So both come to an agreement. William shows Joe life as a human being and what being human really is all about. Joe gives William a little more time for this. But a human life is above all one thing: complicated. And so the whole matter becomes unearthly complicated, as Joe himself slowly falling in love with Susan.

The story behind the bizarre death of Joe Black

Joe Black is a relic from the time when absurdity still had a permanent place in cinema, even in tragic stories. An epic love story could sometimes begin with an epic, bizarre death scene. Joe Black gets run over. From two cars and with circus-like rollovers. But the origin story of this death scene is at least as crazy. In an interview with Vulture revealed stunt coordinator Buddy Joe Hooker and special effects coordinator Robert Devine that the accident was actually filmed as a real stunt. More or less. Since the time for rehearsals was very short, it was not filmed with a real person. Appearance: Rubber Pitt. Instead of a real person, a model of Brad Pitt had to step in. Which of course had to be made first.

For this purpose, a mold was made for the double. But only after a vow to Pitt to destroy all doubles after use. They shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands, so that Brad Pitt sex dolls suddenly flooded the market. Pitt was then put into a skin-tight fabric cover and rubbed with baby shampoo as an anti-stick layer. This is how Gummi-Pitt and his bizarre stunt came to light.

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