Marvel Announces New Superhero Team

Marvel Announces New Superhero Team: There are 2 details hidden in the first Fantastic Four picture that you missed

Maybe at some point Marvel fans will only see the Avengers as a faint memory. At least if the superhero team the Fantastic Four soon overtakes them. Marvel Announces New Superhero Team and cast of its upcoming blockbuster film Fantastic Four announced, among other things Pedro Pascal includes. But next to the actors There were also two easily overlooked details hidden in the picture.

Marvel Reveals When The Fantastic Four Takes Place

On the one hand, attentive fans have found a clue as to when Marvel’s superhero epic should take place. In the picture Ben is reading Grimm / The Thing (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) one Magazine whose cover looks suspiciously like Life Magazine.

And in fact: there is a real model for the vague cover in the picture, namely the Life Magazine from December 13, 1963, which shows US President Lyndon B. Johnson behind his desk. Fantastic Four fans therefore assume that the movie also takes place close to this date.

Veteran Marvel hero is allowed to move on screen for the first time

The second detail cannot be overlooked visually, but its significance only unfolds in context. To the left of Ben Grimm, a small robot serves a drink. This is HERBIE (often explained in the template as Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-Type, Integrated Electronics). The fans are thrilled.

HERBIE has been around in the Fantastic Four universe since 1978, like Polygon explained. Since However, he was never seen as an actor on the screen: Only in the extended cut of Tim Stories Fantastic Four he makes an appearance in deactivated form. So his cinema debut is coming soon. But when?

When is the New Fantastic Four Film Coming to Cinemas?

Fantastic Four has with his superhero counterpart Thunderbolts the places are swapped and will take place on May 2, 2025 come to the cinema. In addition to Pedro Pascal, the film’s Marvel cast includes Vanessa Kirby.

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