The Yellowstone Finale is Already a Disgrace and Reminiscent of The Walking Dead’s worst mistake

The Yellowstone Finale is Already a Disgrace and Reminiscent of The Walking Dead’s worst mistake

The US series Yellowstone is currently on everyone’s lips. Not just because of the modern western drama Kevin Costner has also attracted great interest in Germany since the Netflix release of the first 3 seasons. Above all, it is the conflicts behind the scenes that are currently leading to the impending end of the acclaimed series hit give a bitter aftertaste. As a fan, one thing particularly annoys me: unintentional spoilers.

What happened? Yellowstone dispute reveals who could survive finale

In recent weeks there have been increasing reports about the drama behind the scenes Yellowstone Universe. The Dutton saga will end prematurely this year. If with or without Kevin Costner, we do not know yet. But one thing is certain: the story is told in one Sequel series continued, which also causes problems. Not just the participation of the announced main actor Matthew McConaughey is insecure. There are also three Yellowstone stars in a salary dispute before returning.

Check out the trailer for Yellowstone Season 5 here:

And here lies the problem. The Yellowstone Stars Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser and Luke Grimes are in discussion for one Returning in the series sequel, currently titled 2024. As a fan, however, I don’t even want to know, because the knowledge of her (possible) involvement is enough to undermine the highly anticipated series finale.

The finale of the zombie series the Walking Dead for example, suffered from a similar dilemma. Before the series actually ended after 11 seasons, the US broadcaster AMC announced several spin-off series that would continue the stories of the characters Negan, Maggie and Daryl after the finale.

The unpleasant side effect: Suddenly the final episodes of the parent series lost all tension. Why should I root for the main characters when I already know that they will survive in the end? Now this spoiler phenomenon is repeating itself at Yellowstone.

I don’t want any Yellowstone spoilers: the ending of the Dutton saga deserved better

Based on recent reports, I can be sure that the three main characters, Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler and Kayce Dutton, are guaranteed to survive. But was that ever up for debate? Let’s drift in here for a moment Spoiler territory for season 5 away:

Two Duttons who can’t stand each other’s death

Before Yellowstone took a nearly two-year hiatus with the first half of Season 5, Episode 8 left us with a terrifying promise: Beth wants to kill her brother Jamie. And not only that: the sleazy politician is also ready to get his sister out of the way.

In the finale, the question is: Who will fall victim to the brutal sibling feud? If current plans call for Kelly Reilly to return in the next Yellowstone series, Beth is already safe. With Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), unfortunately things look different.

One name is suspiciously not mentioned in the reports about the salary negotiations: Wes Bentley. The chances that his character Jamie dies by the end of the series, have therefore increased dramatically. Of course, there is the possibility that Jamie will simply turn his back on the Dutton ranch and therefore also Montana in the end. But Yellowstone is still Yellowstone. And anyone who messes with the Duttons will 100 percent not be granted a happy ending.

I love Yellowstone for its unpredictable cruelty, which can bring disaster to any character at any time. I want to get excited and be surprised and shocked episode after episode. However, the disputes behind the scenes and the resulting spoilers for the future of the series overshadow the end of one of the biggest US series of our time long before it is broadcast.

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