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Now Uncharted On Netflix

Who hasn’t dreamed as a child of finding a mysterious map full of puzzling clues? To go on an adventure with her and one legendary treasure to find? Anyone who retains this inner child never completely loses their enthusiasm for adventure films. Puzzles of lost civilizations, scavenger hunts in the jungle there isn’t much left of that at the moment. But fortunately there is Uncharted on Netflix now replenishment of scavenger hunts for your home cinema. The film takes us through ancient cities, high above the clouds and onto the turquoise ocean. And join in Tom Holland finally the stage is clear for one new hero who could revitalize the adventure genre.

Uncharted on Netflix is ​​a Classic Treasure Hunt Around The World

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) aka Nate is a normal bartender. Well, maybe he steals from his wealthy customers every now and then. Maybe he has a predisposition to trickery. And he may also be secretly looking for his missing brother Sam, with whom he always searches missing treasure of the explorer Ferdinand Magellan wanted to search. Nate receives his first real sign of life from Sam via one of his victims. Because Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) isn’t easy to steal from and needs Nate’s help to find both Sam and Magellan’s gold treasure. The unlikely duo is forced to become a team when another party goes on a treasure hunt: Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) and his unscrupulous followers. Moncada is the descendant of the nobles who helped finance Magellan’s travels. In his opinion, he is legally entitled to the treasure. And he stops at nothing to get your hands on it. But Nate and Sully have other plans and won’t let even the most vicious enemy moves stop them. The search soon takes them all over the world as well breathtaking and dangerous places.

The Main Cast of the Uncharted Movie Includes:

  • Tom Holland as Nathan Drake
  • Mark Wahlberg as Victor
  • Antonio Banderas as Santiago Moncada
  • Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer
  • Tati Gabrielle as Jo Braddock
  • Rudy Pankow as Samuel

Tom Holland, Uncharted gives hope for a brilliant but dying genre

Uncharted is one thing above all: a new, fresh adventure film. This genre was once one of the most important in Hollywood and is what sparked a love of cinema for many people. But the great adventurers of our time are unfortunately still the same as they were over 20 years ago. Who is currently traveling with us into the unknown? An 80 year old Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune an aging Tom Hanks in inferno.

But Uncharted blows the dust off the adventure box. Enter: Tom Holland. It is the heart of a truly dynamic and fast-paced hunt around the globe. Holland is clearly having fun with his role and isn’t worn out in the slightest. He is charming, wide awake, ready for any action. Holland seems as enigmatically clever as he is amiable and yet never at a loss for a saying or a step. Uncharted simply puts you in a good mood, because no one is slowing down the necessary pace and a new generation is taking over. A generation we should see more of. Because even in a modernized world with fewer and fewer blind spots on the map, there is still so much to discover and so much to experience. And Tom Holland aka Nathan Drake has a lot to do.

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