John Wick Spinoff Ballerina is Postponed To 2025

John Wick Spinoff Ballerina is Postponed To 2025 For Better Action

After John Wick: Chapter 4 there hasn’t been a sequel yet Keanu Reeves announced in his iconic role. Fans can rely on the action replacement ballerina which, as a spin-off, tells a new story with a fresh perspective from the deadly universe. The blockbuster has so far been released in cinemas James Bond – No Time to Die-Star Ana de Armas set for 2024. John Wick Spinoff Ballerina is Postponed To 2025 The reason for this is at least a win for action fans.

Here Are The Main Cast Members of Ballerina:

  • Ana de Armas as Rooney
  • Keanu Reeves as John Wick
  • Anjelica Huston as The Director
  • Gabriel Byrne as the main antagonist of the film
  • Lance Reddick as Charon
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno
  • Norman Reedus
  • Ian McShane as Winston Scott

Ballerina is postponed to 2025 for better action

According to that Hollywood Reporter The John Wick spin-off will now hit US cinemas on June 6, 2025. The reason given by insiders at the Lionsgate studio is that the original John Wick director Chad Stahelski helping out with filming additional action scenes should.

In the USA this is what is coming The Crow-Remake will take the previous Ballerina launch date of June 7, 2024. The studio is said to be convinced that the remake of the 1994 cult film can be released in cinemas so early, while Ballerina should wait for more action polish. Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 director sits in the director’s chair of Ballerina Len Wiseman. In the story of the John Wick spin-off, Ana de Armas is said to be the play a younger version of the eponymous character, who already had a brief appearance in John Wick 3 and close to the Ruska Roma crime syndicate. Keanu Reeves himself is also said to make an appearance in Ballerina. A new German start for Ballerina has not yet been announced.

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