Fantasy Film Adaptation Woodwalkers Starts In October 2024

Fantasy Film Adaptation Woodwalkers Starts In October 2024

With Woodwalkers A film adaptation of the popular youth book series is coming this year Katja Brandis to the cinema. Thanks to Young people who can transform into animals, and a school for mastering magical powers, the fantasy spectacle already sounds like the German Harry Potter. In addition, there have already been two more Woodwalkers films announced. The theatrical release of the first part was previously scheduled for November 2024. It has now been announced that part 1 of the planned trilogy will be published even earlier.

Fantasy film adaptation Woodwalkers starts in October 2024

As Studiocanal announced in a press release, the first Woodwalkers part is coming October 24, 2024 to the cinema. The fantasy blockbuster was previously scheduled to open on November 21st. The plot of the book revolves around Carag (Emile Cherif), who is a cougar shifter. He can take on the body of both a human cub and a mountain lion. Director Lissa Clearwater (Martina Gedeck) invites him to her American boarding school: the magical school Clearwater High in the Rocky Mountainshe shall better control your abilities learn. Here he befriends the bison shifter Brandon (Johan von Ehrlich) and the red squirrel shifter Holly (Lilli Falk) at. Conflicts and rivalries quickly arise with mean classmates.

Here is the cast and crew for the 2024 film “Woodwalkers”


  • Oliver Masucci as Peter Hartung
  • Martina Gedeck as Clara, Peter’s mother
  • Olivia Sinclair as Carrie, Peter’s sister
  • Luna Wedler as Ayana
  • Aaron Hilmer as Tom
  • Valeria Fabrizi as Grandma


  • Director: Damian John Harper
  • Cinematographer: Sebastian Thum
  • Composer: Johannes Hofmann
  • Editor: Bettina Wiss
  • Writer: David Sandreuter

When will the rest of the Woodwalkers trilogy be released in cinemas?

After the theatrical release of Woodwalkers 1, release dates for the other two parts of the trilogy have already been set. Woodwalkers 2 should on October 23, 2025 come during the release of Woodwalkers 3 for the October 1, 2026 was determined.

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