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Witch Hunt: Our Contributors Tell Us About A Story We Can’t Bear To Remember

The Witch Hunt, a show based on true events and testimonies, is coming to the Alcmini Theater, from the theater group “Klepsidra”, by Katerina Bouzani. The creators of the project, as well as the troupe about the idea behind this shocking story, about the preparation, but also about the emotions that caused them such a resonant topic that suddenly went into the.. drawer.

A dark tale, which must be heard, so that the same mistakes are not repeated. A case that shocked the data and was at the center of the Mass Media, worldwide.

Katerina Bouzani, director of the show and the heart of Hourglass, shared with us how this idea was created and how the Witch Hunt was set up, at the Alcmini Theatre.

“We started the Witch Hunt some years ago together with Zoe Naum. We felt we had to tell this story, because we owe it to these women. We were shocked then with the testimonies, we had to do this project.

“Through this project, we show the facts, how human rights were violated. We want these mistakes not to be repeated, that is the most important thing of all. The goal is that something like this never happens again, anywhere.”

Katerina Bouzani

Regarding the direction of this performance, Katerina Bouzani specifically told us:

“I once read that “The director is like mirroring his soul in the whole ensemble”. It is important, in such projects, to maintain balance, to bring out the truth and to be honest. Through this process, I build a world from scratch. When the show is over, I see the world I’ve been building in my thoughts, and that’s a huge achievement for me. Inside you feel that the bet was won, that we all succeeded together.”

The “Hourglass” group deals with social issues, which always carry a resounding message. Katerina Bouzani took us through the next projects coming from her teams, saying:

“I am very excited, because I built the Hourglass exactly with the vision I had. I wanted it to deal with socio-political issues, to have something to say when we go on stage, because that’s what I stand for as an artist. The most important thing for me is to change even one thought, to make a “move”. For me this is very moving. I feel a duty, from the step I have as an artist, to change this world, this society in which I live.

»From the Hourglass, comes the Lebensraum, by Thanasis Triaridis (July 4.5.6 – Alcmini Theater) and the Paragraph 175 of Valia Vatzola ( July – Alcmini Theater) which is based on Martin Sherman’s Ben.

“The memories are too recent and they hurt”

Zoe Naoum spoke to us about how she felt when she wrote these words on paper. She herself, before proceeding with the writing and setting up of the specific project, did research and collected testimonies from people who experienced this incident and wanted to speak, so that their own voice could be heard.

Witch hunt

As he described to us, features:

“The Witch hunt, is not fiction. The fiction was entered so that a body work could be built. All our database, it is completely real, it is a product of research. The more you study the story, the more you feel a connection to these girls.

“When I managed to locate a girl’s mother, I was shaking, saying “My Christ, I’m texting a woman who doesn’t know me and telling her I’m writing about her daughter, who has passed away”. Her reaction could be anything, but when we talked and she gave me the first interview, she told me that she was honored that there are people who are dealing with this story in this way.

“The memories are very recent and they hurt. If everyone puts their little touch, together we can make a painting, changing this world. I think that every project like this that brings us together with these people automatically makes a small change. Even one step at a time, to be able to move alongside them is a huge success, a personal transcendence for the one who will see this work and feel a genuine emotion”.

A few words from the team

The troupe of the show “Witch Hunt”, children who go on stage for the first time and embody the painful characters of this play, describe the feelings that the show caused them…

Artemis Tselepi: Through the role of Nefeli I felt all the injustice, anger, bitterness and so many emotions that cannot be expressed in words that a little girl who has lived in the spotlight because of the publicity and death of her mother can feel. “Nefeli” made me Hope for a world that will not forget so easily, will understand, sympathize, love, will be free no matter how many difficulties come. It is up to each of us.

Alexandra Karava: “No parent should be in my place, no one else ever” this phrase of Eumorphia, is a metamorphosis of sadness, rage and anger but also a cry of anguish and hope for a society of inclusion and solidarity. A society fighting all forms of fascism, within us and around us.

Lina Argyraki: This role activated feelings of anger towards those responsible, sadness towards the victims but above all the feeling of personal responsibility and defense of values. Because in a society its citizens must protect each other with integrity.

Lilian Daskalou: My participation in the “Witch Hunt” project, in the role of one of the HIV-positive – drug-addicted women who were broadcast, infused me with mixed and conflicting feelings and thoughts. Anger, drowning, injustice on the one hand, hope, optimism and strength on the other. Our past does not define our future.

Marilou Karakostas: Human, real stories and experiences like those that take place in “Witch Hunt” make you realize how much injustice there can be in our society, so much so that you get angry, hurt and saddened even “from the outside”, even by this little bit that we experience trying to “step into the shoes” of these people. The least we can do through this project is, if not to change the world, to at least try to become better people, not to stonewall, to raise awareness about such difficult issues that we are afraid to touch on, to enter for a while in the position of the other before we speak.

Filio Veioglani: Through this role I was called to know more deeply the corruption of the system. I realized that the fourth estate was seriously responsible for devaluing the humanity of these women and that it actually contributed to their character assassination. However, it reminded me that we should not close our eyes and ears to injustice and that we all have a share of responsibility for how these women were treated. I hope we find the strength to look them in the eye someday.

Witch hunt

Witch Hunt, Alcmeni Theater – (29.30) June & (1.2) July, Alcmeni Theater, 21:30.


  • Text: Zoe Naum, Aphrodite Florou
  • Auxiliary text participation: Katerina Liapopoulou
  • Direction/Kinetics: Katerina Bouzani
  • Assistant Directors: Filio Vioglani, Konstantina Giovani
  • Original Music/Sound design: Stavros Katsoulis
  • Photo: Alkyoni Papakonstantopoulou
  • Trailer: Antonis Mandranis
  • Poster: Stavros Katsoulis
  • Scenery: Hourglass

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