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The Horror Movie That Crashed Big In The Cinema And Now Sweeps Netflix: Religious Fear In The Spain Of Naranjito

Director Rubin Stein’s debut feature premiered on March 31 without getting to enter among the highest grossing. Defined by its production company as a “religious thriller with hints of terror”, it was impossible to label its mix of genres and tones and perhaps for this reason it was difficult for it to reach an audience dependent on well-known brands and little given to spending the afternoon. in experiments. So Here is the points of Tin & Tina Horror Movie.

Religious Terror in the Spain of Naranjito

Tin & Tina’ stars Milena Smit and Jaime Lorente, and can be defined as a nostalgic 80s black comedy, although at many times it seems like a drama about conditioned motherhood. Despite the fact that no one paid attention to him when he went through theaters, now It does not leave the Netflix top 10, after entering in May, at number one in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, now resists leaving number 10 after two months of resilience.

No one knows why now people have become interested in the film, perhaps its well-known cast, including Teresa Raval as a nun, has been providential, but they also have references to the Spanish culture of the 80s, evoking the nostalgia similar to the work of Paco Plaza references to Chicho Ibañez Serrador, as his favorite terrors to ‘Un, Dos, tres’, and even converts the music of the time such as the hit ‘Super Disco Chino’ by Enrique and Ana into important elements of the plot.

The official synopsis of ‘Tin & Tina’ pray: The moment Lola loses the babies she was expecting, her faith in God automatically disappears. Hoping to get her back, she goes with her husband, Adolfo, to a nunnery. There they meet Tin and Tina, two angelic 7-year-old brothers for whom Lola feels a special attraction. Adolfo doesn’t feel the same, but they decide to be adopted. However, as time goes by, Lola begins to fall into a spiral of suspicion and obsession towards the children and the macabre religious games they have been playing…

Here are some key points about the Spanish horror film Tin & Tina:

  • The film is set in Spain in the 1980s.
  • It tells the story of a young couple, Lola and Adolfo, who adopt two albino twins, Tin and Tina.
  • The twins are deeply religious and believe that they can communicate with God.
  • They also have a dark side and are prone to violence.
  • As the film progresses, Lola and Adolfo begin to suspect that the twins are not what they seem.
  • The film culminates in a shocking and disturbing conclusion.

Here are some other key points about the Tin & Tina film:

  • The film is directed by Juanma Bajo Ulloa, who is known for his dark and disturbing films such as The Skin I Live In and The Orphanage.
  • The film stars Almudena Amor, Luis Tosar, and Asier Etxeandia.
  • The film has been praised for its atmosphere, its performances, and its shocking ending.

Tin & Tina is a disturbing and unsettling film that will stay with you long after you watch it. It is a film that will make you question your faith and your beliefs. If you are looking for a film that will challenge you, then Tin & Tina is the film for you.

Here are some additional details about the Tin & Tina film:

  • The film was released in Spain in March 2023.
  • It is currently available to stream on Netflix.
  • The film’s title is a reference to the two main characters, Tin and Tina.
  • The film’s poster features a close-up of the twins’ faces, which are distorted and otherworldly.
  • The film’s soundtrack features a mix of traditional Spanish music and electronic music.

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