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Watch The Terrifying Mega Hit On HBO Max today!

HBO Max has updated its offer and added the latest movie to the library, which will especially appeal to horror fans. did you watch?

It’s hot outside, but you can still feel the shivers – HBO Max added ‘Evil Dead: Awakening’ to the library today, which is a hit horror movie that until recently you could only see in the cinema. The production enjoys mixed opinions, but this is the case with almost all horror games.

Polish viewers on the site Filmweb rated Evil Dead: Awakening 6.1/10while foreign viewers were a bit more gracious on IMDb a rating of 6.7/10in turn on Rotten Tomatoes has a 76% success rate among viewers and much higher, at the level of 84% by reviewers.

Evil Dead: Awakening moves from the forest to the city. The plot tells the story of two sisters (played by Sutherland and Sullivan) who do not keep in contact with each other. Their meeting is interrupted by the appearance of demons that can take control over human bodies. Faced with the most horrific version of a family imaginable, the sisters are forced into a brutal fight for survival.

The comments under the trailer are mostly positive, although there are also criticisms. Despite this, it is a film that is unlikely to belong to the elite of the scariest productions in the world. So if you don’t like overly strong horror movies, then “Evil Dead: Awakening” may be just the production for you.

No idea what to watch this weekend? The latest productions you’ll find on HBO Max will not let you get bored. In addition, a wide range of new products Netflix also offers us in June.

Here Are The Key Points For The Evil Dead

  • Origins: The Evil Dead franchise originated with the release of “The Evil Dead” in 1981. Directed by Sam Raimi, the film follows a group of friends who unleash an ancient demonic force while staying at a remote cabin in the woods.
  • Ash Williams: The central character of the franchise is Ashley J. Williams, often referred to as Ash. Portrayed by Bruce Campbell, Ash is an iconic figure known for his chainsaw hand and witty one-liners. He becomes the primary protagonist in subsequent installments.
  • Gore and Horror: The Evil Dead films are renowned for their graphic violence, gore effects, and horror elements. The franchise is known for pushing the boundaries of practical effects and showcasing intense and gruesome scenes that have become hallmarks of the horror genre.
  • Evolution: The franchise has evolved over time, with each film offering its own unique take on the story. “Evil Dead II” (1987) blends horror and dark comedy, while “Army of Darkness” (1992) adds fantasy and adventure elements to the mix. In 2013, a reboot titled “Evil Dead” was released, featuring a new set of characters.
  • Cult Following: Despite initially receiving mixed critical reception, the Evil Dead franchise has gained a strong cult following. Fans appreciate the combination of horror, humor, and over-the-top action that defines the series. The character of Ash has become an iconic figure in the horror genre.
  • Spin-Offs and Adaptations: In addition to the films, the Evil Dead franchise has expanded into other mediums. The television series “Ash vs Evil Dead” ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2018, continuing Ash’s story. There have also been comic book adaptations and video games inspired by the franchise.
  • Influence and Legacy: The Evil Dead franchise has had a significant influence on the horror genre and inspired countless filmmakers and artists. Its impact can be seen in the use of practical effects, inventive camerawork, and a blend of horror and comedy in subsequent films.
  • Crossover: The Evil Dead universe has crossed paths with other horror franchises. In 2003, Sam Raimi directed “Spider-Man,” bringing his distinct style to the superhero genre. In 2021, a crossover film titled “Evil Dead Rise” was announced, featuring new characters in a different setting.

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