Cinematic Delights: 11 Top Rated Netflix Movies to Stream

Cinematic Delights: 11 Top Rated Netflix Movies to Stream

Netflix is home to a wide variety of movies, from award-winning dramas to blockbuster comedies. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few of the top rated Netflix movies to stream right now:

1. Pale Blue Eye (2023)

top rated Netflix movies to stream

One of the darkest, both literally and figuratively, new Netflix films, starring Christian Bale in the lead role. On the surface, Landor (Christian Bale) tries to decipher the mystery of the deaths of young cadets at West Point Military Academy. In depth, Landor is haunted by melancholy and dark thoughts as much as everything around him is frozen and snow-covered. Now that we’ve seen it, if we were asked if it’s worth the time, we’d say no, if it weren’t for so many great actors in every scene… We’ll just mention a few excellent actors from the cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Gillian Anderson, Timothy Spall, Harry Melling.

2. Nobody (2021)

The best action movie I’ve seen in 2021 has been on Netflix for a few days. Action movies seem to be a dying sub-genre. But Nobody is one of those movies that gives you hope that you can still watch a good action movie. Nobody doesn’t start from an unexplored premise in action movies (a family man with a violent secret past). But the attention with which it constructs its scenes, especially the action scenes, plus actor Bob Odenkirk, who doesn’t have the face or muscles “of Sylvester Stallone,” but plays the role all the more believably, makes Nobody a movie that fills you with adrenaline and entertains you thoroughly. Plus, it doesn’t lack humor.

The action-thriller Nobody, starring the lead actor from Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk, tells the story of a complex character who saves victims from the clutches of the mafia, which will put him on the blacklist of a very dangerous man. A family man and father unleashes himself after years of suppressing his urges to seek justice.

3. White Noise (2022): Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream

top rated Netflix movies to stream

From director and screenwriter Noah Baumbach, known for Marriage Story, one of the best and Oscar-nominated films produced by Netflix, we can see a new Netflix film starting December 30, 2022. Another dark comedy, starring Adam Driver in the lead role, alongside Greta Gerwig. Jack (Adam Driver) studies Hitler, and his life and his family’s life are completely overturned by a catastrophic accident…

White Noise is a very different comedy from a typical comedy. Although the action takes place in the 1980s, it’s hard not to identify with the film’s themes. Because White Noise reminds us of the anxieties we’ve been experiencing for several years due to recent crises (pandemic, war). Although it’s not funny in the way you’d expect from a typical comedy, White Noise reminds us with every frame of how relevant it is not to take ourselves too seriously. It is one of the best Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream.

4. How I Became a Gangster (2020)

A fairly entertaining Polish film about becoming a gangster after the fall of communism. It’s not exactly a Scorsese film, so the main merit of the film is that it gives us a perspective on our common history after ’89, with all the chaos and necessary transition from a failed state where the mafia felt at home to a state that enforces the law.

5. Words on Bathroom Walls (2020) – from January 11, 2023

A romantic film about and with teenagers, which will be added to Netflix on January 11, 2023. A troubled young man hopes that an experimental drug will help him cope with his illness and the challenges of adolescence.

6. Pinocchio (2022): Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream

Pinocchio (2022)

In 2022, two Pinocchio movies were released We’re telling you this just so you don’t confuse them and miss Guillermo del Toro’s version for Netflix :). This Pinocchio is worth seeing by children (over 7 years old), but also by adults, because it’s simply a gem: from stop-motion animation to acting (for example Ewan McGregor and Cate Blanchett, but there are many other good actors), to music, etc. – everything comes together in an extraordinary experience that will touch and inspire you…

Guillermo del Toro has an incredible sensitivity that he presents to us without any pretense, just like he did in The Shape of Water. these is one of the best Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream.

7. (Troll) (2022)

A well-made Norwegian action-adventure film, so a production that delivers fun. It’s not original, being derived from movies like King Kong, but it’s well done and, if it had been made in Hollywood, it probably would have already had hundreds of millions of dollars in earnings and would have been famous all over the world

But it’s only Norwegian, so those of us who are curious enough to get past the title, which rather makes you expect a fantasy production rather than an action drama, will enjoy a good action-adventure genre production.

8. Burning Patience (2022): Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream

A romantic and poetic film, with incredible images of the nature of Chile, Burning Patience is a remake of a film of the same name from the ’80s. A fictional story about a postman who befriends the poet Pablo Neruda in the “hideout” where he finds his inspiration.

Pablo Neruda wasn’t a saint, not to mention that the period of Chile’s history at the time wasn’t exactly glorious, led by a Marxist president. The film overlooks these aspects, inviting us on a journey that makes you dream of love, nature, and poetry. Which, we say, is an invitation not to be refused

9. Crisis (2021)

Crisis (2021)

A new drama about the drug crisis in the United States, starring Gary Oldman and Armie Hammer in two of the most important roles. The film actually has three stories that run a significant portion of the movie in parallel: an undercover police officer in the world of drug traffickers (Armie Hammer), a scientist (Gary Oldman) who, together with his team, realizes that one of the medications they were testing has a very high addiction potential, and a grieving mother whose son dies of an overdose. The film is quite heavy and somber, but it’s worth watching because one of the best Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream.

10. Effie Gray (2014)

An interesting period film about the condition of women in the Victorian era, based on real events. An intelligent young woman, Effie Gray, marries one of the most important art critics and philosophers of the time, John Ruskin. But John does not touch her, focusing solely on his career… In the end, Effie Gray falls in love with a Pre-Raphaelite painter. You may not know him by name, John Everett Millais, but you at least know one of his paintings: Ophelia, one of the most well-known representations of Hamlet’s Ophelia.

Effie feels increasingly trapped and disturbed by her marriage to John Ruskin, but what could a woman do in those times to free herself? The true story is adapted for the screen by Emma Thompson, who also stars in this film.

Effie Gray is not the kind of film that ages gracefully. Although only 8 years have passed since its release, today’s film heroines are much more assertive and powerful. Emma Thompson’s film can be seen as a precursor and trailblazer, but the oppressiveness felt in Effie Gray has already been surpassed in films of the last 2-3 years. Today, this film would likely be done differently, with modern music and a much more vocal Effie, at least in action. As a demonstrative example, another period film released very recently can be taken, The Wonder.

11. A mulher do meu Marido (2022): Top Rated Netflix Movies To Stream

A Brazilian comedy about two couples in which everyone cheats on everyone else. Just like most Brazilian comedies we’ve discovered on Netflix, this one is pleasant and relaxing enough to keep us watching until the end. It’s the kind of comedy to watch at the end of the day or the weekend: light, unpretentious, with casual humor.

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