6 Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX: Don’t Miss These Gems!

6 Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX: Don’t Miss These Gems!

filme care ies de pe netflix

“There are movies leaving NETFLIX, but you still have time to watch or re-watch them. So, without further ado, let’s see what titles we’re talking about: Here is the list of the Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX.

1. “Eat Pray Love” (2010) – leaves NETFLIX on August 31st

Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX

Based on the memoirs of American author Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth seems to have a successful personal and professional life, by modern world standards. However, she feels unhappy and unfulfilled, so she decides to leave everything behind and embark on an emotional and charming journey of self-discovery.

Like all movies starring Julia Roberts, her smile, energy, and exuberance are contagious. You will cry, laugh with her, travel around the world, from Italy to Indonesia. You will eat the most delicious and tasty dishes. You will ponder the deepest and wisest ideas about life. And, last but not least, you will discover love. The other main character in the movie is played by Javier Bardem.

2. “Blade Runner 2049” (2017) – leaves NETFLIX on August 31st

filme sf acțiune blade runnder 2049

An unmissable film, the sequel to a cult classic. A sci-fi detective movie with Ryan Gosling in the lead role, “Blade Runner 2049” is a continuation of the original “Blade Runner.” While the 1982 film was poorly received and didn’t win any Oscars, the sequel earned two: Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. Time has shown that the original “Blade Runner” is an extraordinary cinematic achievement, so this 2017 sequel had to rise to a comparable level of art. A significant challenge!

The 2017 sequel to the classic “Blade Runner” is surprisingly good. Usually, when you hear about a sequel to a classic, you prepare yourself for disappointment. But “Blade Runner 2049” maintains the same mysterious and haunting atmosphere, the same suspense, and equally excellent performances. This time, the main character is played by Ryan Gosling, but Harrison Ford, the central figure of the original “Blade Runner,” also stars.

The events of the current “Blade Runner” take place 35 years after the events of the previous film. The protagonist is an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department – played by Ryan Gosling. He must prevent the destruction of human civilization by foiling the plans of the antagonist played by Harrison Ford. His investigation will uncover a secret that could throw society into chaos. It is one of the best Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX

The success of this sequel to the classic SF “Blade Runner” is largely due to the vision of director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Incendies), from whom we eagerly await another film, “Dune,” in 2021. “Blade Runner 2049” is available on Netflix, but only until August 31st.

3. “Labor Day” (2013) – leaves NETFLIX on August 31st

Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX

Adele (Kate Winslet) is a single mother on the verge of a major depression. Her life seems to change when Frank (Josh Brolin), a strange man, asks her for shelter, gradually taking on the role of a father. While the police search the town for an escaped prisoner, Frank’s secrets come to light.

The director and screenwriter of “Labor Day” have shown mastery in comedic language, with films like Juno and Young Adult or the dramedy Up In The Air. But here, they tackle pure drama.

“Labor Day” is an adaptation of Joyce Maynard’s novel of the same name and presents events from the perspective of Adele’s 13-year-old son. The film also stars Dylan Minette (Prisoners), Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Thor), and Tobey Maguire (The Great Gatsby).

4. “The Constant Gardener” (2005) – leaves NETFLIX on August 15th

The Constant Gardener_filme netflix de oscar_

It’s an intimate thriller that you might have missed, maybe because of the less inspired title or the darker subject. It’s about the drug mafia in Third World countries. The story is a constant back-and-forth between scenes that tell the present story, in which Ralph Fiennes tries to unravel the threads of this mafia, and scenes from the past, about the relationship and affection between the two. The two are Ralph Fiennes, a small diplomat in Africa, and Rachel Weisz, an Amnesty International activist.

We say it’s an Oscar-worthy film on Netflix that deserves to be (re)watched. The arguments are the Oscar nominations (for Best Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Best Music), as well as Rachel Weisz’s Oscar for her performance, and the fact that the film was shot on location in Kenya (which adds authenticity and exoticism), but also that it’s an adaptation of John Le Carre’s novel – known for his truly authentic and complex mystery and espionage novels, compared to other novels, like those of Ian Fleming, known for creating the character James Bond. Watch the trailer for “The Constant Gardener.” This is one of the best good movies coming out of NETFLIX.

“The Constant Gardener” leaves NETFLIX on August 15, 2023.

5. “Notting Hill” – Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX


The film “Notting Hill” (1999) is one of the most well-known British romantic comedies. It’s the kind of film you could watch countless times without getting bored. And it gives you the same feel-good feeling every time, just like the first time you watched it.

The role of the lovestruck woman is played by an American: the charismatic Julia Roberts. Her on-screen partner is none other than the favorite of British women for many years and not just British women – Hugh Grant. The premise of the film is: how would a relationship between an ordinary person and a constantly paparazzi-followed celebrity unfold? Anna (Julia Roberts) is an American actress, who accidentally meets Will, a bookstore owner in the London neighborhood of Notting Hill. From here, there’s a constant back-and-forth between the desire to be together and the fear of rejection or the fear of not being able to maintain a relationship in the conditions of such a hectic and paparazzi-analyzed life, as that of a celebrity. See here one of the most famous scenes from romantic films of all time, the “I’m just a girl” scene

“Notting Hill” leaves on August 31st from NETFLIX

6. “Vanilla Sky” – leaves NETFLIX on August 31st

Good Movies Coming Out of NETFLIX

The original script of Alejandro Amenabar’s film, “Abre los ojos,” has been retained, and the main actress Penelope Cruz, from the same film, has also been kept, but the protagonist has been changed to Tom Cruise. And so, the much better-known “Vanilla Sky” was born, which will leave NETFLIX on August 31st.

These are some of the films that will be leaving NETFLIX this month. The list is much more extensive; we also mention here another 6 titles: the comedies from the Hangover series, “The Intern,” “The Accountant,” “Contagion,” “Back to the Future,” and “Men in Black 3.”

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