Eileen (2023) – New Movie With Anne Hathaway

A drama with psychological thriller accents that we’ve refrained from revealing since January 2023, premiered at Sundance Film Festival. We held back not because we didn’t want to share, But will have to wait for December 2023 main Eileen (2023) international release.

Anne Hathaway received critical acclaim for her role alongside lesser-known actress Thomasin McKenzie. Anne plays a new employee at a juvenile detention center, forming a toxic bond with a younger colleague, leading them down a dangerous path.

IndieWire hailed both actresses’ performances as their career-best, while The Hollywood Reporter described it as thought-provoking, playful, and engaging.

Here are some key points upcoming film Eileen (2023):

  • Key points:
    • Eileen is adapted from the 2015 book of the same name by Ottessa Moshfegh.
    • It is directed by William Oldroyd, who also directed the 2016 film¬†Lady Macbeth.
    • The film stars Thomasin McKenzie as Eileen, a young woman who works as a secretary at a prison.
    • Anne Hathaway co-stars as Rebecca, a glamorous new counselor at the prison who befriends Eileen.

Eileen (2023)

  • Cast & crew:
    • Director: William Oldroyd
    • Screenwriters: Luke Goebel and Ottessa Moshfegh
    • Producers: Anthony Bregman, Stefanie Azpiazu, Peter Cron, William Oldroyd, Jamin O’Brien, and Johnny Holland
    • Cast: Thomasin McKenzie, Anne Hathaway, Ben Whishaw, Josh O’Connor, and Laverne Cox
  • Release date:
    • The film will be released in limited theaters in the United States on December 8, 2023.

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