Harry Potter Series is Slowly Becoming A Reality

Harry Potter Series is Slowly Becoming A Reality: In The Running For The Most Important Position Are a Netflix And a Hunger Games Talent

Whether we like it or not: Warner Bros. Discovery and the streaming service Max (formerly HBO Max) are sticking with the Harry Potter series announced last year. The plan is to publish the entire series of novels by J.K. Rowling to remake it in seven seasons. The ambitious project is to be implemented over a period of ten years.

Who makes the Harry Potter series? 4 applicants for the large-scale fantasy project are now known

After the Harry Potter series has become quieter in recent months, there is now exciting news. As Deadline has learned, four applicants are pitching their ideas and trying to get their foot in the door of Hogwarts’ Great Hall. We take a closer look at the individual names.

  • Michael Lesslie is the first to stand out from the list. The British screenwriter and producer has already taken on several major projects, including the thriller series The Dragonfly by Park Chan-wook and the Justin Kurzel films Macbeth and Assassin’s Creed. He also recently successfully breathed new life into the Hunger Games series with The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.
  • Martha Hillier comes from Great Britain and earned her stripes at Netflix. As a screenwriter and producer, she was one of the key voices behind the epic historical series The Last Kingdom and the resulting film The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die.
  • Tom Moran, also from Great Britain, comes from the Amazon corner. As a screenwriter, he developed the thriller series The Devil’s Hour for the streaming service and also worked on Amazon’s sci-fi series The Feed. He delivered his first script for the Dama series Wild Bill in 2019.
  • Kathleen Jordan is the second US candidate in the race for the Harry Potter post and has learned from one of the most influential series creators ever: Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan. She launched her first series on Amazon in 2020, Teenage Bounty Hunters.

What is striking is that there are no big names on the list. Things looked different in the first Harry Potter film adaptation. Harry’s screen debut was directed by the American Chris Columbus, who had previously made two of the most popular family films ever, Kevin Home Alone and Kevin – Alone in New York.

Steve Kloves, who at that time had major Hollywood films such as The Fabulous Baker Boys and an Oscar nomination for The WonderBoys, was hired as screenwriter. After Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, he returned to the series for six more films. He only sat out part 5.

Based on the deadline report, the individual candidates go through an extensive pitch process for the Harry Potter series. It is entirely conceivable that several creative minds will ultimately be awarded the contract. Warner and Max also seem to be open to developing further Harry Potter series.

When does the Harry Potter series start?

Since the Harry Potter series is still in its very early stages, we shouldn’t expect it to arrive at Max for another two years. As soon as a showrunner is found, the project should gain momentum. Who knows, maybe we can return to Hogwarts as early as 2027.

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