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It is one of the Best Blockbusters Of The Year And Can Already Be Seen On Prime Video: A Boxing Film That Becomes A Live Action Anime

The last released film of ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ is another one of those examples that they have agreed to the critics and anime fans, being the umpteenth example of adaptation of the animated medium to real action that fails miserably. Level of wondering why they bother exposing us to this, which does not seem to have the qualities to please any kind of public. So here is the list of the best blockbusters movies of the year.

Bringing the codes of anime to the live action blockbuster is a Hollywood obsession in the same way that video games are also becoming, because there is a lot of commercial potential there, but they don’t finish hitting the key. That’s why we’ve been hearing rumors of a movie from ‘Akira’ which never goes anywhere. Curiously, this year we have been able to enjoy a great movie that not only looks at the anime codes but also integrates them appropriately, and without adapting any. In fact, your intellectual property is another. Is about ‘Creed III’.

stylized forehands

The third film of the spin-off of ‘rocky’ is one of the best big releases we’ve been able to see in theaters this year, with Michael B Jordan doing his big directorial debut in a film that has classic emotion, social concerns and a lot of influence from oriental animation. An incredible combination that can already be watch streaming through Amazon Prime Video.

In this new sequel we see Adonis Creed retiring and preparing for the new phase of his life, combining being a father with an important business adventure that will continue to link him to the world of boxing. It is then that a figure from his past appears, Damian (played by Jonathan Majors in a way that is now almost autobiographical), who wants the break in sports that he never got from going to jail nearly two decades ago. Adonis will try to help him, but he soon realizes that his ambition and his methods prove more dangerous than expected.

There are several aspects that this film inherits from ‘rocky III‘ (curious given the absence of Sylvester Stallone), including a Rocky removed from his roots, blinded by celebrity, considering retirement until it arises a violent and hungry contender. However, like the original ‘Creed’, this film reformulates those keys to reflect the African-American reality in the streets, marked by violence, and showing other corners different from those that the previous protagonist of this pugilistic universe stepped on.

‘Creed III’: duels in style

The reflections on fame and the industry are subtle and grateful, showing that Jordan does not settle for the story he wants to tell. Of course, there is no lack of an emotional component in this very convincing conflict, even with its high doses of melodrama that also show influence from the animes that the director and actor is fond of. Some animes that also enhance some huge and spectacular fight sequences which manage to have the brilliant exaggeration of animation while still having the pace and punch of live action.

The final duel shows how Jordan’s realization reaches its maximum levels, colliding the drama between the main characters with the visual ambitions that he tries to introduce in the American blockbuster. Emotion, well-directed actors (the protagonist shines again, although Majors is a force of nature) and strong choreography. Is a very refreshing surprise which rounds out the ‘Creed III’ experience and suggests that if we’re going to have waves of anime tailored to the American show sensibilities, it doesn’t hurt to have directors like this one at the helm who understand how both things work.

Here are some key points about the duels in Creed III:

  • The duels in Creed III are more personal than in previous films. They are not just about winning or losing, but also about legacy and family.
  • The duels are also more stylish. They are choreographed with more flair and panache.
  • The duels are also more emotionally charged. They are not just about physical skill, but also about mental and emotional strength.

Here are some additional thoughts on the duels in Creed III:

  • The duels in Creed III are a great way to explore the themes of the film. They are about legacy, family, and the importance of fighting for what you believe in.
  • The duels are also a great way to showcase the skills of the actors. Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors both give great performances in the fight scenes.
  • The duels are also a great way to keep the audience engaged. They are exciting and suspenseful, and they always leave the audience wondering who will win.

Overall, the duels in Creed III are a great addition to the film. They are well-choreographed, stylish, and emotionally charged. They are a great way to explore the themes of the film and to showcase the skills of the actors.

Here are some specific examples of the duels in Creed III:

  • In one scene, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) faces off against Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), the son of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). The duel is a personal one, as Adonis is fighting to avenge the death of his father, Apollo Creed.
  • In another scene, Adonis faces off against a young boxer named Anderson Dames (Keston John). The duel is a stylistic one, as Adonis and Anderson both use their unique fighting styles to try to outdo each other.
  • In the final scene, Adonis faces off against Viktor Drago again. This time, the duel is for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. The duel is an emotionally charged one, as Adonis is fighting for his family and his legacy.

The duels in Creed III are a great example of how to use action to tell a story. They are not just about fighting, but also about the characters and the themes of the film. They are a great way to keep the audience engaged and to make the film more memorable.

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