The Best Films Of 2023 According To Your Ratings

The Best Films Of 2023 According To Your Ratings

We have in the editorial offices of Fmovies and FILMSTARTS the best films of 2023 chosen. At the same time, we also look at the ratings to find out which films are the Leader according to Fmovies ratings are.

These are the best films of 2023 according to your ratings

The best films of 2022 already impressed with a great mix. But who stood out this time? We looked at the films that will make a difference in 2023 German cinema, streaming, DVD or TV release had. Besides, the film had to at least 100 reviews collected to qualify. If there was a tie, the remaining invisible decimal places counted. You can now find the winners here. (Data as of December 20, 2023)

10th best film of 2023: Holy Spider

The Best Films Of 2023

Holy Spider impressed after its theatrical release in January as Serial killer thriller based on a true story: In Mashhad, Iran’s holiest city, a perpetrator murders sex workers to denounce the alleged decline in morals. While many residents secretly approve of his brutal actions, journalist Rahimi (Tsar Amir-Ebrahimi) to get on his trail.

9th place in the best films of 2023: Suzume

Suzume delivered as an anime hit this year visually stunning fantasy right up to the poignantly epic finale: in a Japanese coastal town, a 17-year-old student lives who follows a stranger on his unusual mission: he closes portals because otherwise catastrophes will strike. But Suzume can’t control her curiosity and makes the mistake of reaching for one of the mysterious door handles.

  • Fmovies average: 7.4
  • streaming on Crunchyroll

8th place in the best films of 2023: Mission Impossible 7

the best films of 2023:

Mission: Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning Part One let Tom Cruise this year prove once again how spy action can be done properly. As biggest action film of the year The seventh adventure of Ethan Hunt made cinema competitors like Fast & Furious 10 look old and sent the spy alongside a thief in a contemporary and scary in the fight against artificial intelligence.

7th place in the best films of 2023: Past Lives

Past Lives – In another life first made a name for itself as a festival favorite and then as a hit with the public: Celine Song’s tender love story knows how to push the right buttons emotionally. She lets Nora (Greta Lee), who moved to New York from Korea and is in a happy relationship with Arthur (John Magaro), meet her childhood sweetheart Hae Sung (Teo Yoo) again after years.

6th Place Among The Best Films Of 2023: Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer is the most rated film of 2023 on Fmovies. As 180 minute excess He demanded a lot of stamina from his audience, but rewarded him in return based on true events with a who’s who of scientists, including Robert J. Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) accompanied him on his way to building the first atomic bomb.

5th best film of 2023: Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was released this year as the final film of the unusual space troupe James Gunn the Marvel joy new – and with it the DC Hope for his upcoming projects. Despite unexpectedly disturbing scenes The usual crazy adventure with Rocket Raccoon at the center was convincing, giving the heroes a worthy conclusion.

  • Fmovies average: 7.6

4th place in the best films of 2023: Close

Close is Luke Dhonts second feature film Girl and turned out to be a sensitive drama that caused many tears. It tells the story of a close friendship between boys whose closeness is brought to the point of breaking by their environment after a carefree summer.

Third place in the best films of 2023: Anatomy of a Case

Anatomy of a case won the Palme d’Or this year Cannes Film Festival and recommended the German actress Sandra Hueller same for a potential double Oscar nomination. She plays a crime writer whose husband is found dead in front of their lonely house in the mountains. As the wife, she is the main suspect and will be brought to justice. But what really happened? The only witness is her almost blind son.

  • Fmovies average: 7.7
  • currently in the cinema

Second place in the best films of 2023: Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus Oneopened in cinemas at the beginning of December and has been making its mark ever since Victory march around the world. Set in destroyed Japan after the Second World War, the 37th Godzilla film takes place before all other parts. Here, alongside an (almost) kamikaze pilot, he strikes an extraordinary note as a monster film full of destruction and heart and proves, after a seven-year break, that the iconic creature can reinvent itself again and again.

  • Fmovies: 7.8
  • currently in the cinema

Number 1 of the best films of 2023: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse elicited from cinema audiences this year enthusiastic reactions. The sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe showed with immense creativity how experimental animated blockbusters can be and suddenly made the idea of ​​a multiverse exciting again. The fact that the story of Spider-Man Miles Morales, despite its visual power and clever wit, never loses its emotional core is a feat in itself.

  • Fmovies average: 7.9
  • currently on Netflix

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