Most Watched On NETFLIX

TOP 10 Most Watched On NETFLIX In The First Half Of 2023

The streaming service has launched its first “engagement report,” which is actually an Excel file with more than 18,000 titles and their corresponding audience data. (The company intends to release this report twice a year.) So here are the most watched on NETFLIX.

This marks a major shift in the company’s policy, as Netflix has previously kept audience data secret. The CEO explained that, in the early days of Netflix, it wasn’t necessary to provide information to competitors.

Now, the policy is changing, motivated by co-CEO Ted Sarandos, acknowledging that the lack of transparency has created mistrust among its partners. It’s worth noting that the data issue arose after the strike by actors and writers. They are set to have access to audience data to be rewarded for the success of the productions in which they are involved.

The Most Watched On Netflix Are All Original Series

Most Watched On NETFLIX

Nine out of the top ten series are originals, led by “The Night Agent.” The third season of “La Reina del Sur,” a telenovela, is the only licensed title that managed to enter the top 10.

“The Walking Dead” Is The Most Popular Rerun On Netflix.

But this list changes quite a bit when considering aggregated data for all seasons of a series. Here’s the new top 10:

Most Watched On NETFLIX

“Ginny & Georgia” surpasses “The Night Agent” because its first season is also one of the top 50 most popular titles on Netflix. “You” and “Outer Banks” both rise because their older seasons remain popular.

The most significant change is the appearance of “The Walking Dead,” “Suits,” and “CoComelon.” The first two haven’t produced new episodes for a long time, while the third is a compilation of YouTube videos for children.

However, licensed series and films (those bought by other production and distribution companies) represent 45% of all views on Netflix.

There Are Thousands Of Titles That Nobody Watches

There are over 4,000 titles that Netflix says have been watched for 100,000 hours. The data actually includes titles watched for at least 50,000 hours, but for any title watched more than 50,000 hours but less than 100,000 hours, the company rounded up to 100,000.

In short, this means there are plenty of titles that don’t even qualify for this Excel report, and at least 4,000 titles have been watched by less than 50,000 people worldwide. If we take the duration of a 2-hour film as a unit of measurement, that means 100,000 hours / 2 hours = 50,000 people watched that particular movie or series, which is remarkably low relative to Netflix’s tens of millions of global subscribers. This means that these titles have been watched by less than 0.04% of Netflix customers.

None of the top series have celebrities in the cast. Can you name the stars from “Ginny & Georgia” or “The Night Agent”?

While other services, for example, Apple, have spent considerable sums to bring film stars to television, Netflix has focused on series that create new stars.

On the other hand, we can’t help but notice the phenomenally large number of titles on NETFLIX, over 18,000 just in this reporting!

Among the titles we liked, the series “BEEF” ranks 18th (221 million viewing hours), “The Diplomat” ranks 19th (214 million viewing hours), and “Glass Onion,” released in late 2022, accumulated almost 143 million viewing hours in the first half of 2023, ranking 52nd. And the 6th season of “Black Mirror” gathered in just two weeks, as it was released on June 15, while the reporting ended on June 30, almost 140 million viewing hours. It ranked 54th.

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