Unforgettable Famous Movies

Unforgettable Famous Movies That Define Generations

These are just a few of the many unforgettable famous movies that have been made over the years. These films have stood the test of time and continue to be enjoyed by audiences around the world.

Jules and Jim

unforgettable famous movies

It’s one of the most beautiful films, in which the three main characters live a love triangle, but devoid of the petty intrigues that films usually center around when it comes to the struggle for a woman. After you watch it, its beauty will haunt you for a while. Jules and Jim, two intellectuals, fall in love with the same woman. At different moments in time, the two of them will have a relationship with this free spirit, so out of the ordinary. It is one of the best Unforgettable Famous Movies

The three spend a lot of time together and are practically the best of friends, but life separates them and then brings them back together again. Only to bring forth misunderstandings, tensions of everyday couple life, which will erupt more and more dramatically. The poetry of their friendship and their attraction to Catherine (played by the famous Jeanne Moreau) will slowly and sadly disappear. Jules and Jim are created and directed by another legend of French cinema, François Truffaut. It’s one of the most classic French films.

Hidden (Caché): Unforgettable Famous movies

Made by one of the most acclaimed European directors of the moment, Michael Haneke. Austrian Haneke has made films all over the continent, and Hidden is one of his French films. A psychological thriller about guilt and collective guilt, Hidden stars two of the most well-known French actors: Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche. The two play a successful couple from Paris who start receiving tapes of their home being filmed for hours…

Who’s watching them, who’s threatening them? Why would someone do that? The footage and notes they receive seem to make Daniel think about an Algerian that his parents wanted to adopt when Daniel was young. Don’t expect a classic thriller, things are much more complicated and nuanced, and the stakes are not just about discovering the truth but a cinematic debate about the feeling of guilt.

The 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups) – available on HBO Max

Unforgettable Famous Movies

The film “The 400 Blows” is the debut of François Truffaut, one of the greatest French directors. And it’s one of the favorite films of some of the world’s greatest directors like Woody Allen, Luis Buñuel, or Akira Kurosawa. Antoine is a misunderstood teenager, both by his parents and his teachers. So, he goes through a series of trials, wanting to run away from home, only to end up in a youth detention center. His loneliness and unhappiness intensify…

Belle de Jour: Unforgettable Famous Movies

Beauty of the Day is a French film made by the extraordinary Spanish director Luis Buñuel, known for his surrealistic films, adapting a story about a bourgeois woman leading a settled life, but lacking something… Séverine is played by another legendary French actress – Catherine Deneuve. In her search for that missing something, she ends up as a daytime prostitute in a luxury brothel… The film is not an action film, it’s not about exploiting women, no, it has none of that. It’s a typical French film that catches you off guard because even though everything is so simple in its story, nothing can be more complicated.

Belle de Jour is actually about how complicated we are as people, about sexual fantasies, expectations, unspoken abuses, about how not everything can be explained. Because in our searches, we end up making choices that seem irrational from the outside. Almost all French films are like this, they have nothing of the simplistic and easy-to-read formula of ordinary films, for example. If you’re only used to Hollywood productions, French films will seem very strange to you.

If you want to have fun but also check a reference film, Dr. Strangelove can be a very good choice. This dark comedy (directed by Stanley Kubrick) satirizes the nuclear crisis between the United States and the USSR in the 1960s. So, politicians, generals, generals’ mistresses, ambassadors, and many others are not spared from irony.

A dark comedy signed by Stanley Kubrick can only be a masterpiece. If the main characters, from a German-born scientist who went a bit off track, to an English officer and the President of the United States, are all played by Peter Sellers, any recommendation is simply unnecessary. Because Kubrick’s imagination finds its perfect counterpart in Peter Sellers’ brilliant performance.

Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

Unforgettable Famous Movies

If you want a classic comedy, then Arsenic and Old Lace is for you. It turns out that the sweetest and most peaceful aunts are actually serial killers. To the total astonishment of their nephew, played by the legend Cary Grant.

Other classic comedies with Cary Grant to try are His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, That Touch of Mink.

Un Chien Andalou: Unforgettable Famous Movies

Since we were talking about Luis Buñuel, you should also watch “An Andalusian Dog,” one of the first surrealist films ever made. It was made by Luis Buñuel and the painter Salvador Dalí. It’s silent, black and white, from 1929, difficult to follow due to its harsh scenes and the lack of a traditional narrative thread, but at least it’s short (under 30 minutes). Jokes aside, “An Andalusian Dog” is one of the most influential films ever made, so it’s worth watching, even just to brag to your friends. A year later, Luis Buñuel repeats with another equally crazy and cool surrealist short film as “An Andalusian Dog,” “L’âge d’or,” also in collaboration with Salvador Dalí. If you liked “An Andalusian Dog,” definitely give “L’âge d’or” a try.

My Night at Maud’s (Ma nuit chez Maud)

He recently moved to that area of France. He meets a former friend, who introduces him to a very intelligent and intense woman, Maud. She invites him to stay overnight, and they end up sleeping in the same bed without touching…

“My Night at Maud’s” is one of my favorite films in French cinema. It’s a dialogue-driven film where action doesn’t really matter. The characters’ discussion inevitably revolves around the idea of chance, choice, the consequences of our choices, even in love relationships… What would have happened if we had chosen differently? What if you had chosen a different partner, for example? It’s a truly philosophical film. One of the few films that dares to expect the audience to be enchanted by a simple conversation between characters, especially such a philosophical one. But it succeeds in captivating! The mystery of the film will stay with you long after watching.

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