Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

Latest Netflix Original Series 2023: Must-Watch TV Shows Now Streaming

It has been releasing a steady stream of Latest Netflix original series 2023, with a wide variety of genres and tones to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy, a sci-fi thriller, or a historical drama, there’s sure to be something on Netflix for you. Some of the most anticipated new Netflix original series of 2023 include:

1. The Law of Lidia Poet (2023)

Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

The Law of Lidia Poet, an Italian series with excellent performances, incredible costumes, and top-notch set design, has recently arrived on Netflix. This Netflix original production targets a younger audience but offers comfort and enjoyment to viewers of all ages. The series revolves around a woman who, after being prohibited from practicing law, prepares to fight against the decision. It draws inspiration from the true story of Lidia Poët, Italy’s first female lawyer. Watch the trailer for The Law of Lidia Poet here.

2. Fauda (2023) – Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

The long-awaited Season 4 of the Israeli action and espionage series, Fauda, has finally premiered on Netflix after its initial release in Israel in 2022. Fauda centers on an Israeli counter-terrorism unit battling Palestinian terrorists. If you can overlook geopolitical issues and moral distinctions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the series is well-crafted, as it is written by a former soldier from such a unit in the Israeli army. In fact, co-screenwriter Lior Raz also stars in the series as Doron. If you’re familiar with the show, you know who we’re talking about Doron!

3. You – Season 4 released on February 9, 2023

Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

The serial killer librarian returns for a new season, the fourth installment set in London. However, Joe’s obsessions are not confined to Earth, as a new female target will ignite his dark desires. The first part of Season 4 premiered on February 9th, while the second part is scheduled for release in March 2023. Check out the trailer for Season 4 of You.

4. Kaleidoscope (2023) – Already on Netflix

A Netflix miniseries released in 2023, attempting to capture the coolness and style of the Ocean’s series (Eleven, Twelve, etc.). The show centers on a heist, and in fact, Kaleidoscope draws inspiration from one of the most significant heists in history – during a hurricane, $70 billion in bonds disappeared in Manhattan.

5. Eva Lasting: Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

Latest Netflix Original Series 2023

Another new Netflix series, this time from Colombia, depicting the life of an unconventional girl in a 1970s high school. As different as she is, she manages to break many hearts. Check out the trailer on Netflix’s Eva Lasting page, promising a fun series not only for high school students but also taking us 50 years back in time to pre-Pablo Escobar Colombia.

6. Treason

Treason is a British spy miniseries starring Olga Kurylenko and Ciaran Hinds. When Sir Martin Angelis, MI6’s number two, is poisoned, Adam Lawrence becomes the new head. A former Russian spy and Adam’s ex-lover contacts him seeking information, but the CIA also gets involved, making the mystery even more complex. It’s hard to know whom to trust, as all the characters seem to have hidden interests that go against moral principles. Treason is a decent spy series but nothing more. These are some of the new Netflix series we enjoyed and a few that we’re eagerly anticipating in the days to come. We hope you’ve found at least one title that piques your interest!”

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