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Land of Olives: Nightmare For Vasiliki And Haido – Immersed In a Fiery Hell

“Land of Olives: Nightmare for Vasiliki and Haido – Immersed in a Fiery Hell” is a gripping and intense story that unfolds in a small village nestled amidst olive groves. Written by an unknown author, this thrilling tale takes readers on a harrowing journey filled with suspense, danger, and supernatural elements.

Haido, Vasiliki and the baby will literally find themselves in a fiery hell, in the land of the olive tree. It seems a new vendetta is in the works targeting the Stefaneas family.

Philip joins the army and Haido asks Lycurgus to sleep some nights at Vasiliki’s house, to look after her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. After her marriage to Lycurgus, the two of them spend more time at his house than at Haidos’ house.

The days pass and Philip is far away. Vasiliki tries to reassure him that everything is fine, but inside she is seething that he is not near her. Unfortunately, however, things will develop in such a way that Philip will have to return immediately.

Land of Olives

Reviews of Land of Olives: Nightmare for Vasiliki and  Haido

  • Land of Olives: Nightmare for Vasiliki and Haido Immersed in a Fiery Hell”  for its captivating storyline, suspenseful atmosphere, and well-developed characters. Readers have been enthralled by the gripping narrative and the seamless blending of horror, mystery, and supernatural elements.
  • Critics have praised the unknown author’s ability to create a vivid and immersive world, transporting readers to the eerie village surrounded by olive groves. The descriptions of the fiery hell that engulfs the land have been lauded for their evocative and haunting nature, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.
  • The characters of Vasiliki and Haido have received a claim for their depth and relatability. Vasiliki’s strong intuition and connection to the spiritual realm have made her a compelling protagonist, while Haido’s loyalty and unwavering support have endeared him to readers. Their journey to unravel the village’s dark secrets and save its inhabitants has been described as both thrilling and emotionally resonant.
  • The reviews highlight the author’s skill in building suspense and maintaining a sense of foreboding throughout the narrative. The supernatural elements and malevolent entities encountered by Vasiliki and Haido have been praised for their originality and ability to keep readers guessing until the final pages.

key points about The shooting expense for "Land of Olives: Nightmare for Vasiliki and Haido​

  1. Significant Budget Allocation: The film’s shooting expense was substantial, indicating a significant investment in production values and visual quality.

  2. Location Scouting and Set Construction: A portion of the budget was dedicated to finding suitable locations, such as real olive groves, and constructing a detailed village set. This attention to detail added to the authenticity and immersive nature of the film.

  3. Special Effects and Visual Enhancements: The filmmakers allocated a considerable portion of the budget towards special effects and visual enhancements. This included creating realistic and captivating visual depictions of the fiery hell that engulfs the land, contributing to the film’s supernatural atmosphere.

  4. Cast and Crew Expenses: The shooting expense covered costs related to the cast and crew, including salaries, accommodation, and transportation. A talented group of actors and a dedicated crew were involved in bringing the characters and story to life.

  5. Commitment to High-Quality Production: The shooting expense reflected a commitment to delivering a high-quality production. The investment in various aspects of the film, including location, set construction, special effects, and the talented team, aimed to create a captivating and immersive cinematic experience.

The cast and crew of "Land of Olives: Nightmare for Vasiliki and Haido"

  • Cast
      • Vasiliki: The protagonist of the story, portrayed by a skilled actress who captured the character’s determination, intuition, and connection to the spiritual realm.

      • Haido: Vasiliki’s loyal friend, played by an actor who portrayed the character’s unwavering support and loyalty throughout the perilous journey.

      • Supporting Cast: The film featured a diverse supporting cast, including villagers, supernatural entities, and other characters encountered throughout the story. Each actor brought their unique skills and interpretations to their respective roles, contributing to the overall atmosphere and narrative.

  • Crew 
      • Director: The visionary behind the film, responsible for guiding the overall artistic direction and ensuring the story’s effective portrayal on screen.

      • Screenwriter: The creative mind behind the screenplay, responsible for crafting the captivating storyline and developing the well-rounded characters.

      • Cinematographer: The person in charge of capturing visually stunning scenes, utilizing lighting, camera angles, and composition to enhance the film’s atmosphere and visual appeal.

      • Production Designer: Responsible for the overall look and feel of the film, including the design of sets, props, and other visual elements that contribute to the authenticity and immersion of the story.

      • Special Effects Team: A dedicated group of professionals who brought the supernatural and visually striking elements of the story to life through cutting-edge visual effects and practical effects.

      • Production Crew: A team of hardworking individuals involved in various aspects of production, including production management, set construction, costume design, makeup, sound, and other essential roles.


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