Black Fawn Films Start a Horror Feast with ‘It Feeds’

Hailing from the great white (and often spooky) North, Black Fawn Films have consistently crafted some high quality genre entertainment. With titles included Bite, The Heretics, I’ll Take Your Dead, Vicious Fun, The Oak Room, and morethese crafty Canucks have cornered the market on effective indie horror.

From a recent announcement, we can get ready to expect a whole lot more from the team.

Productivity Media, Inc. (PMI) — the film finance and production company — has announced that they have partnered with Chad Archibald and Cody Calahan and their Black Fawn Films production company for a slate of 10 genre titles to be co-produced and financed by PMI.

Black Fawn’s next film will be It Feedsa fear-driven feature starring Ashley Greene (the Twilight saga) and Shawn Ashmore (The X-Men trilogy).

Written and directed by Chad Archibald, the film tells the harrowing story of a young girl who insists that a malevolent entity is feeding on her. Greene portrays a clairvoyant therapist who must confront her own personal demons to save the girl before she is taken completely. Ashmore takes on the role of the anguished father, desperately struggling to protect his daughter.

“We have been aware of Black Fawn for some time and are truly excited to create this long term partnership. This slate of genre pictures adds to the breadth of films we want to bring to audiences worldwide,” said McIlhargey.

“We are beyond thrilled to embark on this new venture with PMI, creating a unique brand of genre films that will not only engage and terrify but pull at the heart strings of our audience,” said Calahan. Archibald commented “This slate won’t just include ‘horror films’ — there will be content specifically crafted for today’s audiences, blending genres to shock and surprise viewers.”

PMI’s William G. Santor added “The team at Black Fawn is a perfect addition to the partnerships Productivity is creating around the world that center on content creators who are best of breed. We look forward to working side by side with them for years to come crafting compelling entertainment.”

Having recently visited the set of It Feeds during the filming process, I can comfortably say that this feature will set a strong tone to start the 10-picture deal. The film has a psychological turn with some truly nightmarish elements that are bound to haunt (and delight) audiences.

Here are the key points for Black Fawn Films:

  • Black Fawn Films is a Canadian independent film production company founded in 2011 by Cody Calahan and Jayme LaValley.
  • The company has produced a wide range of horror films, including “Bite,” “Them,” and “The Ranger.”
  • Black Fawn Films is known for its dark and disturbing films that often deal with themes of violence, abuse, and mental illness.
  • The company’s films have been praised by critics for their originality, scares, and performances.

Black Fawn Films

Cast and Crew of Black Fawn Films

  • Cody Calahan is the co-founder and creative director of Black Fawn Films. He has directed several of the company’s films, including “Bite,” “Them,” and “The Ranger.”
  • Jayme LaValley is the co-founder and producer of Black Fawn Films. She has produced all of the company’s films and is also a writer and director.
  • Other notable members of the Black Fawn Films team include:
    • Matt Wielechowski, director of photography
    • Michael Paszt, executive producer
    • Mark Smith, editor
    • Michael Taylor, composer

Rating of Black Fawn Films

Black Fawn Films films have been rated R for violence, gore, and language. Some of the company’s films have also been rated NC-17 for their explicit content.

Other Information

  • Black Fawn Films has been nominated for several awards, including the Canadian Screen Award for Best Motion Picture – Independent Drama.
  • The company’s films have been distributed internationally by companies such as Shudder, IFC Midnight, and Neon.
  • Black Fawn Films is one of the most successful independent film production companies in Canada.

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