All Time Favorite Movies

Movie Mania: Top 6 All Time Favorite Movies

What are the movies that have stood the test of time and continue to be loved by audiences around the world? These are the movies that we can watch over and over again and never get tired of. They are the movies that make us laugh, cry, think, and feel. There are many different factors that contribute to a movie becoming an all-time favorite. The story, the characters, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the music, and the overall impact on the audience all play a role. So here is the list of the All Time Favorite Movies.


Solaris is a test of endurance for any cinephile who isn’t already familiar with the superlative style of director Tarkovsky, with the poetic atmosphere created through long takes and interwoven shots. Stanislaw Lem’s novel gives the Russian director the chance to create a world where ghosts seem flesh and blood, and people are shadows haunting a space station where madness seems to have taken permanent residence. It is one of the best All Time Favorite Movies.

Solaris, the planet that mysteriously brings back to life people who only live on in the memories of astronauts, is, in fact, a metaphor for the human quest to explore the universe in search of oneself. And when it succeeds, one is overwhelmed with fear and runs away. ‘We don’t want to conquer the cosmos – we want to extend the boundaries of Earth to the cosmos; we are only seeking Man; we don’t want Other Worlds,’ says Gibarian, one of the characters.

2001: A Space Odyssey: All Time Favorite Movies

All Time Favorite Movies

Stanley Kubrick’s film falls into the science fiction category. However, like most good science fiction films, its essence is philosophical, tracing the evolution of humanity from the prehistoric era when everything seemed strange and incomprehensible, to the journey into space in search of those who left a mysterious monolith on the moon. The film, filled with sequences where imagery and music blend seamlessly, has an ambiguous ending that can be interpreted in various ways. The presence of the black monolith always signals a new stage in human evolution.

2001: A Space Odyssey, like any quality science fiction, leaves the viewer the freedom to seek the hidden meanings beyond the memorable images.

No Country for Old Men – SkyShowtime

Certainly one of the greatest cinematic achievements of the last 20 years and probably the best thriller of the same period. ‘No Country for Old Men’ (2007) is a must-watch for cinephiles and occasional moviegoers alike. Because we don’t have time for bad movies. This thriller will keep you glued to your seat. It’s an adrenaline-pumping chase like no other. Anton (Javier Bardem) pursues police officer Moss (Josh Brolin), who has fled with a suitcase full of money. In turn, the two are pursued by a sheriff.

The story seems too simple to be good, but the storytelling talent developed in countless Coen Brothers’ productions is unparalleled. Ultimately, even Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thrillers weren’t based on complex plots, but they provided a thrilling ride. Plus, Javier Bardem is so diabolically evil and menacing that it will be hard to watch him in another film without a shiver down your spine. We won’t say more, except that Anton has a way of killing people that will elicit visceral reactions and emotions like you haven’t experienced in a long time in a movie. It is one of the best movie in All Time Favorite Movies.

The thriller ‘No Country for Old Men’ won 4 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for Javier Bardem. Watch a scene from this thriller here.

Oldboy (2003): All Time Favorite Movies

All Time Favourite Movies

This is the first South Korean film we watched, and we didn’t regret it for a second. Directed by Park Chan-wook, ‘Oldboy’ is one of the most emotionally charged thrillers ever created.

‘Oldboy’ is the story of an ordinary person, someone who could be any of us. He is kidnapped and held captive in a hotel room for 20 years. After being released without knowing why, he embarks on a mission of revenge to find the person responsible for his years of suffering. Only to discover that he is still trapped in a world of conspiracies and torture.

This thriller is part of the Vengeance Trilogy. So if you’ve already seen ‘Oldboy’ and liked it, try the other thrillers in the trilogy: ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ and ‘Lady Vengeance.’

Drive (2011)

‘Drive’ starts off with a bang with a getaway from a robbery. The scene is elegant and expertly crafted, tension-filled just right, as if tuned by a piano tuner, not for pianos, but for adrenaline.

The main character, played by Ryan Gosling, is ruthless but not heartless. He’s not an imperturbable psychopath like Javier Bardem in ‘No Country for Old Men.’ That’s what’s both frightening and enchanting, the combination of coldness and sensitivity. His soft, delicate voice contrasts with his brute force, which is always on the verge of erupting in any given scene. What happens after the story crosses a fine line, without turning back. This is one of my All Time Favorite Movies.

The whole movie exudes coolness, with a well-crafted cinematic style and elegance. ‘Drive’ is a beautiful film. At times it may exaggerate, especially in its adoring shots of Ryan Gosling’s hips swaying as he walks. But it’s a thriller worth watching, and you might have to wait a long time for the next suspense film of ‘Drive’s caliber. Watch a scene from the thriller ‘Drive’ here.

Mulholland Drive: All Time Favorite Movies

Recognized as one of the best thrillers ever made, ‘Mulholland Drive’ is an esoteric cinematic experience. Clues about the film’s key are scattered throughout the first two hours, but we don’t recognize them as such until the end. The final 20 minutes are visceral and grotesque. The ending will haunt you, for sure.

Betty (Naomi Watts), an aspiring blonde movie star with a perfectly buttoned cardigan and wide-eyed wonder, tries to help Rita (Laura Harring), her new amnesiac friend, rediscover her life. How else but by making anonymous phone calls, sneaking through people’s windows, and putting on a blonde wig, an almost perfect copy of her own hairstyle? Add to the film’s mix a director (Justin Theroux) who loses control of his own film and finds himself deceived by his wife, along with detectives and members of the movie mafia. Watch the trailer for ‘Mulholland Drive.’

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