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‘Somewhere Boy’ is a beauty: a touching little series that explores trauma in an optimistic light

There are times when we come across stories that it is better to know as little as possible. Enough to give it a try. It is the case of ‘Somewhere Boy‘, British drama that we can see in filming and that it is, practically from its very beginning, one of the great surprises in terms of television series of what we have in 2023.

A relative surprise, because it has been released in our country with several nominations for BAFTA including best drama (it was competing with ‘Sisters to Death’, ‘The Answer’ and ‘Sherwood’), and temerging encouragement for its screenwriter, Pete Jackson. Statuette that, by the way, he materialized.

But let’s get on topic. Starring lewis gribben Like Danny, ‘Somewhere Boy’ tells us the story of a boy who has grown up in the confines of his father (rory keenan) in a house in the middle of the English countryside. After a tragedy, the young man goes out “into the real world”.

Moves But Does Not Manipulate

Eight episodes of less than half an hour It is enough for Jackson to tell us a story that is as moving as it is optimistic, narrated in a fascinating way and that flees, or at least pretends to, from falling into easy manipulation. In other words, it is moving but not melodramatic.

It is worth noting the fact of how it moves away from conventions or situations that, as a spectator, we may have preconceived when we begin to know what this little drama revolves around. Although why Danny has lived in seclusion in a house in the country is tragic in itself, The father’s motives are, even twisted, noble.

This does not mean that the series excuses or justifies him, just doesn’t proceed to make a judgment beyond this or that comment from our young protagonist’s uncles. In this way, the script speaks more about trauma, the end of innocence and starting (and fitting in) a new life rather than abuse, deprivation of liberty.

Something that they do touch but, in this aspect, it is strangely optimistic within the sadness that surrounds them. It’s even funny, especially with the duo between the protagonist and his cousin Aaron (Samuel Bottomley) who, despite not having been secluded in a world of monsters and 1930s movies, isn’t much brighter.

Pete Jackson’s script it is tremendously delicate and casts a compassionate look and emotional to the story of Danny’s new life. And not only when it comes to portraying young people, but also Sue (Lisa McGrillis), the protagonist’s paternal aunt. Although I think ‘Somewhere Boy’ escapes a bit from being classified as a family drama, it has a lot of that component here.

An Enviable Youthful Cast

Somewhere Boy

At this point, no one should be surprised and in any case we should be envious of national fiction, the fact that young actors hold up a rather demanding script so well. Both Gribben and Bottomley give him an integrity and great nuances to their roles, being one of the highlights of the series.

In short, ‘Somewhere Boy’ It is undoubtedly one of the great surprises of the year. One of those series that, as happened last year with ‘in my skin’, is incredibly “small” for the large residue it leaves. Beautiful, moving and powerful.

Here is the cast and crew for Somewhere Boy


  • Lewis Gribben as Danny Lennon
  • Samuel Bottomley as Aaron Lennon
  • Rory Keenan as Steve Lennon
  • Olivia Darnley as Jenny Lennon
  • Paul Kaye as John Lennon
  • Sharon Horgan as Mimi Smith


  • Writer: Jack Thorne
  • Director: Paul McGuigan
  • Producer: Hilary Bevan Jones


Somewhere Boy is a captivating British television drama series that beautifully depicts the early life of John Lennon. From his humble beginnings in Liverpool to his initial foray into the music industry, the series immerses viewers in a poignant journey. Lewis Gribben shines as Danny Lennon, John’s younger half-brother, while Samuel Bottomley portrays Aaron Lennon, his older half-brother, with depth and authenticity. The series, created by the talented Jack Thorne and skillfully directed by Paul McGuigan, has received widespread acclaim for its outstanding performances, compelling writing, and adept direction. It’s a must-watch for fans of John Lennon and The Beatles, offering a heartfelt exploration of the legendary musician’s formative years. Somewhere Boy ultimately leaves viewers inspired as it culminates with John’s departure from Liverpool to Hamburg, Germany, fueled by determination to carve his name in the music industry. The series ends on a high note, capturing John Lennon’s early successes, including his breakthrough hit single, “Love Me Do.” With its emotional depth and historical significance, Somewhere Boy is a truly remarkable series that pays tribute to the iconic legacy of John Lennon and his enduring impact on music history.

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